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Originally Posted by deku View Post
I think a cool/fun challenge would be to make a new team after each gym leader, only using Pokemon you can find while getting from the city of the previous gym leader to the next gym leader. So you can catch any Pokemon while going up to Pewter City and use them against Brock, then deposit all but one in the PC, and make a whole new team to use against Misty (weather it is just one Pokemon or a whole team of 6). And for the E4 you can use any Pokemon that you used for any of the gym leaders, but at the level you deposited them.
i like that idea, i like any idea of using new pokemon or ones you haven't used before. pidgey or zubat would be on every team in red and blue :D. it would also be hard around saffron and celadon because there's only that little route and patch of grass in between them
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