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Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Manipulation, should I apply as a Gym tileset maker or is there no need for that?
So it becomes official and not just a favor... Or do you want to keep it private?


IM Address: [email protected]
Name: Tropical Sunlight
Position: Gym Tileset Maker
Proof of Work: 2 Prooves of Work in Sienna.




Credits to Wesley FG


Credits to Alistair


Credits to Alucus

1: I don't like the first one because it seems too dark and pillow shaded, it also garners a horrible platform.
2. Wow, I really like this one, easily my favourite.
3. This one lacks shadows. D:
4. Don't really like it: no shadows, tile errors. Nice concept, though.
5. This one is the best for visual appearance; however, it lacks shadows.

Either way, you're duly accepted.


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