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    Originally Posted by Nosophoros View Post
    Sorry, I only glanced the first time. It does look impressive, however, is the OW going to stay the same?
    Yeah, I see no real reason to change it. I've always liked the default ones.

    Originally Posted by Tomackze View Post
    I just tested it out and there are some things I noticed...

    1. Everything being very shaded... very nice. It is very unique

    2. Nice, you start off getting Oak the GS ball. I do have to ask though: Does it come in handy later?

    3. The rate of wild pokemon is kind of annoying though... at least in my opinion. Can't go 2 patches of grass without a pokemon popping out. I think it's too often, but that's just me.

    4. Just beat the first leader, good job with air cutter. That was a powerful attack!!

    5. And I like the two rivals, though I wish I got the Eevee

    6. So far so nice... I like the fact that Charmander learns Metal Claw so early. That was a nice touch

    7. I like that there are so many trainers, I love fighting trainers

    So far so good. Thought it was awesome!
    Thanks for all of your input. I have no plans to reuse the GS Ball at the moment, but I might in the future. The wild Pokemon rate is the same as the normal FireRed one, but if people really get annoyed by it I'll tone it down.
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