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Originally Posted by Luck View Post
I'll take this.

Map Name: Desert Pass

Map Game: Firered.

Comments: This was a recently desertified area, explaining why there is so much grass. I made this a while ago so I already know what's wrong with most of the map, but pointers would be appreciated.
Well, this map is really superb; however, before I point out what I dislike I thought I'd show you an image of all the tile errors that your map contains:

There's not really much to say about this map, it's really nicely done and flows really well, it gets the job that you want it to do done really well. The playability overall is quite cool; although, in places it stretches you for space and could get really annoying. I know ledges are there for you to jump down, but if you don't decide to jump down them then you're left with one tile space to walk on :|. I, for one, always have thought that ledges are there to make the map easier to navigate on the second time round; however, on your map you're using them as an obstacle to make navigation annoying for the player. Those things are just my opinion and you could always ignore it as it doesn't make too much of a difference, but it's little things like this that change a map from average to good. I guess you want a rating? 7/10.

Oh, well, just so people don't get bored rating Luck's map as pretty much everyone in it has been pointed out, I'll post one of Sienna's maps for rating.

Map Name: Origin Well Third Floor
Map Game: FireRed BPRE (Sienna)
Credits: Kyledove
Comments: The ladders were inserted incorrectly and I haven't got around to fixing them yet; there's also an event in the bottom right. :)
Map Image: