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    Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
    The mountain shape is nice, also the lakes... Though I think you've put too much in. My problem is, this looks too easy to go through. I'll give this map a 9/10. Scince nothing was wrong with it.

    Anyway, now for my map.

    Map name: Emerald Town
    Hack of: Fire red
    Hack name: Green Diamond.


    Comments: I'd like a decent rating on it. Thanks!
    Review: 9/10. I really like the tiles and I don't see any errors in them. The palettes look really nice also. =] The flower placement looks nice also.
    Suggestions: Maybe add some trees behind the gym, center, and mart. But it's alright without it.

    Oh and I noticed a tile error just now behind the house at the far right in the corner of the roof. The tree bottom isn't there... Unless it's supposed to be like that. =P

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