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So, after I send a PM to you I thought I should maybe give you my thoughts about the game in this topic:

First I must say that this looks like the best Kanto-Remake I ever saw (and I'm looking for a good one since ages). Seriously, FR/LG just missed so many things that it's kind of sad. However, you managed to fix a whole lot of things. This is what I think is absolutely awesome about the game:

- Optional battles with Green! I can't imagine Gamefreak didn't manage to implement that after they gave Dawn in D/P/PT the weaker typing to your Pokémon. Great idea.

- Expanding the size of Kanto! The way you placed the tiles it looks a lot bigger than it was in FR/LG.

- Pokémon Animations! Putting it out of FR/LG was a giant waste and prevented us of ever seeing this in a Kanto-Game. But now we just have to play your Hack! Really looking forward to to that.

- The planned changing of the music! I don't now how it will sound, but I'm sure a whole lot better than FR/LG, the Remixes were a catastrophe. The original key just was so much better.

- Implementing Rocket Executives of HG/SS is a brilliant move as well since they apparently were there in FR/LG and it's a lot nicer having names of Rockets than only grunt after grunt. By the way, please gave Team Rocket more female grunts, there wasn't one in Kanto.

- All Pokémon in the National Dex being obtainable before the Elite 4! Was a big flop in FR/LG too that you didn't even see every Pokémon used from a trainer. Maybe it would be a good idea doing it like D/P/PT and make all able to see before the E4 if you battle every trainer (and Oaks aids and himself count seeing Pokémon instead of catched. He first gives you the National Dex once you have seen all in the Kanto Dex).

- The battle frontier, so finally every region has one!

Now I would like to mention some things I would find cool to see them in the game, at least if you are willing to do that, if not it's your decision of course:

1) Will the trainers in the GYMs be better balanced? in FR/LG the first GYM hat 1, the second Gym 2 and the third GYM 3 trainers...not very sharp. Normally the first GYM hast 2/3 trainers, the second one 4/5 and the third one 5/6. So the numbers in FR/LG are kind of ridiculous. You already told me by PM that you'll fix Brock but what's with the others?

2) The levelkurve. I think the games were way to easy in terms of levels. Especially after you received the Silph Scope the game stagnated and levels reminded the same until the sea routes (and those Pokémon actually were things like Goldeen). I think that could be changed it that Rocket would just block the entrance of the Silph Tower until Koga is beaten. He actually is the 5. GYM Leader in the list so why not beat him first? That way the levels of the Rockets in the Silph Tower could all be boosted a lot and the whole Rocket-Saga would last a bit longer considering we could first go there at a later point.

3) Talking about the Rockets, how about do a expand to their plot-line and let Giovanni hunt them after the legendary birds? He lets his two executives to Articuno and Zapdos (the Seafom Islands and the Power Plant would then have a full Rockets to beat one which end you can catch the legendary bird. Giovanni could take over the last one on Mount Ember. The plot-line could be that Team Rocket wants to hunt down the legendary Pokémon to become extremely powerful and wants the Silph Co. to give them the Master Ball technology in order to do that. However, they fail but try to hunt them down anyway. After you stop Giovanni catching Moltres he could admit that Team Rocket is weakened but he'll do everything do find new members and let it live again. At least that could be an idea...

4) Oh yeah is there any chance for a legendary bird or at least a legendary Pokémon tune? That missed badly in FR/LG.

5) Since Kanto actually has big cities but they are really fast to explore anyway they could maybe be bulked up a bit. I was thinking about mixing up Kanto-buildings in HG/SS with the ones in FR/LG. For example putting the Trainer House in Viridian City and implement a person you can challenge every day. His levels get higher with every GYM leader and like in G/S/C you get experience points. Other things would be for example:
- three stories in the museum of Pewter City, one from HG/SS the other two from FR/LG in great graphic
- the old guy in Vermillion City could finally finish that house aftet the Elite 4 and give it you as a sort of prize
- maybe make a one territory, sort of a dessert which wasn't represented in FR/LG but in the Emerald tiles. I thought of maybe a sidepath in Digglets Cave or the Dark Cave which brings you to a dessert area. At the end of it you could find a move tutor who gives you actually cool attacks like the elemental punches.
- Saffron City should actually be a big place but there were SO few buildings to go in that it went really fast to explore the whole area. Maybe you can make a few more buildings accessible so it becomes a bit larger.

6) Berries. Kanto is the only region without berry bunches even dough it had it's chance to change it. Since it's a Emerald Hack they are in the game code so it would be pretty cool if you could make berry bundles all over the place.

7) Weather areas were missing throughout FR/LG too. For example I think Routes 24 and 25 would be good for raining. You could implement weather routes like that or that it's really hot on Cinebear Island or something like that.

8) Starter Pokémon? Since it's a Hack trading is kind of impossible. Will there by an opportunity to become the other starter Pokémon short before/after the Elite 4?

9) Will the tickets for the Islands on which Ho-Oh/Lugia, Deoxys and Mew can be caught? Would be awesome.

I think that's all for now. If I should come up with something else I'll write it as well.