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    Name: Kendrix


    Well a lot happed since I last updated this log, you see between earning three badges and stopping, or at least stalling, Team Magma’s idiotic plan, I had little time to just sit down and write this.

    Staring from where I left off, upon arriving in Slateport city, I was notified that there was a small competition going on. All I had to do was beat a bunch of trainers (which I did rather easily) and I would be awarded a prize. It turns out that the prize was about a dozen Soda Pops, which should come in handy later. After that I headed through town in order to deliver my final package to the engineer of a submarine. As I wondered the streets I heard rumors that a lot of Team Aqua Grunts were causing trouble in a nearby museum. I decided to check it out after I was done with my little side quest.

    Eventually (after walking around for what felt like an hour) I found the engineer that I was looking for. He was in a ship yard and was looking over some plans to build a submarine it was obvious, from the way he talked, that he had had no idea about anything having to do with ships or subs. When I presented the parts to him, he admitted that he had no clue what he was looking at and told me to find Captain Stern who apparently left earlier to go to the museum.

    I find the Museum in no time and upon entering and paying $ 50, I’m immediately confronted by the same Team Aqua member that I beat twice before. Rather than fighting he just gives me a useless TM and says that he is going to quit Team Aqua once and for all. After he runs out, I hear a conversion between two his former comrades basically saying that the reason that it took a long while to enter the Museum because they couldn’t pay the entrance fee (It’s rather sad, since the fee in question is just $50).

    I then went upstairs and found the Captain by a model version of the sub he wanted to build, but before I could say anything two grunts followed me into the room and demanded that I give them the ship parts, when I declined they tried to take it by force. The two grunts tried to give themselves an advantage by forcing Almia to battle three pokemon in quick succession, unfortunately for them she was more than strong enough to handle anything they could throw at her.

    Just after I finished mopping the floor with the Team Aqua grunts, their leader came up the stairs. I thought that he would battle me (which would be bad seeing that I would most likely have to give up my façade as a new trainer, which might tip of the leader of Team Magma) but it turns out that he just wanted to talk. He basically tried to convince me that his goal of increasing the amount of water in the world was a good thing and that Team Magma was the evil one. I tired to tell him how stupid that sounded, but he basically waved me off and left after threatening me (basically saying don’t get in our way or you’ll be sorry).I then gave My Stern the parts and left the town the very next day.

    A few interesting things happed on the way to Mauville City, first I beat this challenge, that took place in the ‘Trick house’ and earned a Rare Candy for my troubles, also I beat May for the third time (I didn’t have to even command Almia to do much, since her attacks are so strong). As a reward May gave me an item finder (which is basically useless to me) and told me that the next time we battle she would win.

    I got into Mauville City I had a long talk with Almia about our current situation. Basically she argued that we were holding back a bit too much and that if we held back against the wrong opponent we could be in serious trouble. I agreed and in the end decided that I would have to start using some of Almia’s older moves starting with, the incredibly useful, Psychic. After that was done I headed to battle the gym leader.

    Vs Wattson:

    His first pokemon went down with no problem thanks to 2 hits from Almia’s Psybeam. An Electrike was sent out to replace it, but as soon as he stepped on the field he was Ohkoed by a critical hit Psybeam. Wattson’s third pokemon, Magneton, was by far the one I had the most problems with due to its typing. It managed to Paralyze Almia but eventual it fell to her most recently remembered move, Psychic. I got lucky when Wattson revealed his last pokemon (Manectric) as he was knocked out by a critical hit Psychic (ouch).

    After earning my third badge I headed to the Poke Center to find out where to go and also if Steven (my contact) had found out the location of the two teams in this region (especially Team Magma since I still had do idea what they were up to). Steven basically told me that according to his sources, Team Magma wants to expand the continents that make up this region. He went on to say that this is the reason why Team Aqua and Magma has always been against each other. Steven then indicated that according to his information Team Magma was about to pull off something big at the peak of Mt Chimney. That was all I needed to know, so after thanking him I went to bed knowing that I had to do whatever I could to stop what Team Magma was doing.

    To be totally honest I still can’t believe that the events that happened the next day were real. As soon as I woke up and got ready I headed to the top of Mt Chimney via the Cable Cart. Upon my arrival I’m challenged by a bunch of Team Magma Grunts who tried in vain to keep me from reaching Maxie (their leader). I dealt with them easily and made my way to Maxie, who took immediate note of my arrival. He pressed a button on the machine beside him, which cause it to spring to life. He then stupidly tells me his plan, which is using the power of a meteorite to cause erupt the volcano. He tries to justify this by saying that almost every living think needs land and what he is doing will benefit everybody. He then tried to stall me by forcing me into a Pokemon Battle, but thanks to Almia Astonish and Psychic he stood no chance. I then ordered Almia to restrain the Magma Boss with her Psychic attack, while I remove the meteorite from the machine rendering it harmless.

    The general plan was to have Almia keep a Psychic hold on Maxie until the cops arrived, but we were forced to abandon it earlier, as more reinforcements came and Golbats filed the air around me. Knowing that there was only one way out of there, I had Almia release the hold on Maxie and launch a Confuse Ray strong enough to hit every pokemon around us. Then while everyone was distracted I made a break for it, towards Lavaridge Town

    Since there was nothing much to doo, I deiced to Challenge the gym there after a couple days of rest and relaxation.

    Vs Flannery:

    To be honest I really don’t want to spend my time going in to the details of this battle because I’m running out of time and I have to get moving very soon. Let’s just say that his battle was easier than my last one. None of her fire type pokemon caused that much trouble (except the one that used Sunny Day) because of Almia’s Psychic attack. Her last pokemon, a Torkoal, managed to survive Almia’s attack and retaliate with Overheat. You should have seen the look on her face when it hit vs. the look on it when the smoke cleared and revealed that Almia lived through a Sunny Day powered Overheat and looked like she was bored. Eventually that Torkoal fell and I earned my 4th badge. What Flannery said after the battle had my heart racing for what felt like hours, she said that she recognized my fighting style from somewhere. For a minute or two I held my breath basically hoping that she didn’t figure out who I really was. After a moment of silence she told me, with confidence that I battled like Norman, the new leader of the Petalburg Gym. I made sure that the relief in my voice wasn’t too apparent as I thanked her for the battle and headed out the door.

    Nothing much happened after I beat Flannery, I rested at the nearby Poke Center and, while I was planning my route to the next town, I overheard a nearby trainer saying that the gym in petal burg city is now open again. After deliberating with Almia for a while, we decided just head back there for my next match instead of just putting it off till later. It took us three says to eventually get back to Petalburg, but that was mostly because I wanted to check out a desert on the way back. After resting for a night, just to make sure that we weren’t pushing ourselves too much, I entered the gym to get my 5th badge of this region

    . Vs Norman:

    As soon as I enter I see a familiar face staring at me, my dad. I find this very strange because as far as I knew he still had a year on his contract to a company in the Sinnoh Region. We talked for a bit and he promised to explain everything after a battle, but only if I won (I guess it was just a way to encourage me not to hold back). I accepted his challenge and the battle for my 5th badge began.

    Dad’s first two pokemon fainted in one hit thanks to Almia’s Psychic. His next pokemon, a Slaking, caused me slight trouble though. I started the battle with a Confuse Ray, hoping to stop him from attacking me, but that plan failed as the beast used Faint Attack. I then had Almia follow up with a Psychic, which hit the giant ape. To my surprise the Slaking didn’t bother to move, so I had Almia use another Psychic on him. It looked like dad’s pokemon was a bit angry at the second attack as it got up and ran towards Almia. She effortlessly dodged the giant ape, causing it to crash into a wall. Knowing that it was on the verge of collapsing, I had Almia finish it off with a Psychic attack. Dad’s last pokemon was a Linoone needless to say that it didn’t last too long.

    With the battle over dad gave me my fifth badge and the TM for Façade, he then asked me to follow him. Eventually we ended up in a living room area in the back of the gym, and after offering me a drink, started his explanation.


    Almia (Misdreavus) F lvl 48

    =>Confuse Ray

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