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    Originally Posted by Anastasia.R View Post
    Well, if you're making it like a cosplay gallery, I'm pretty sure it's okay. Are you going to update most of your cosplay work here now?

    A cosplay sub-forum? .-. I think it's fine that it's in the main Art gallery, imo. =P
    Hmm, I'm not really into making things for cosplay, but I like what you made here. I'd have to say, I really like how you made the 'Millennium Ring'. What I'm wondering is, how did you make it? =o
    I think what you made is pretty close to Yami Bakura.
    Yeah, I'll be posting all my cosplay stuff here now.


    The ring was actually pretty easy to make. First of all, I got some sturdy cardboard (not the kind used for boxes; the kind used for the back of a sketch pad and such). I drew 2 circles on it and cut them out (making a ring). I also cut out a triangle that would fit snugly in the ring. I super glued the pieces in place. Next, I made a batch of salt dough (home-made play-doh made by combining salt, flour, and water). I rolled the dough into a rope and placed it over the cardboard ring. I shaped the dough over the triangle cut-out and cut the sides to make the dough cover it. I used smaller ropes of dough to make the outer parts of the eye, and the little details around the ring. I rolled a piece of dough into a little ball and poked a hole in it with a straw to make the inside of the eye; I used a similar process to make the little hoops that hold the needles. I used another rope of dough for the hoop at the top. The needles were made by rolling the dough into points, then slightly squishing the tops while puncturing them with a straw. After it had air-dried for about 24-hours, I added support to the outer features with super glue. I painted it with 3 layers of acrylic black, then ran thread through the hoops, connecting the needles to the rest of the ring. After that, I coated it with 2 or 3 layers of metallic gold spraypaint.

    Thanks again! :D

    Originally Posted by MrsNorrington View Post
    Wow!!!!!!! That's great!! I really love how you handmade the Millennium Ring and styled that wig!! And what a lucky find for the shirt! It's all looking great! ^.^
    Thank you. ^^

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