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B/W starter sprites showdown:
I gen: (disclamer! they can actually be similiar to D/P/Pt/HG/SS ones)

awww...Isn't the cutest thing ever? look at his backsprite...
"I'm gonna get you. Now" I always thinked that ivysaur was badass...
I don't like very much venosaur, but I must admit that this sprite makes it cool...
not bad, but not special.
more badass sprite approching...the pose is just perfect...
is old sprite but I want to see the animation! (backsprite is also pure win)
turtle hug...:D
Wartortle is pure win...I adore this.

I never evolve my wartortle because I don't like cannons...but this pose is good, IMO.

II gen:

grass starters are always cute.
I just noticed that this line is recycled...
...but from a perfect sprite (with animations now)

this sprite is new! And the back is good!
I can't remember if this is the same of HG/SS
I love it!

Err I will continue tomorrow, because dinner is ready:D

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