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Here I will post in a simple layout a list of tutorials aimed at beginning hackers.


Getting started

Scripting Tutorials

  • Link - DiegoIsAwesome's XSE Scripting tutorial. Very beginner friendly
  • Link - Old school scripting method but still somewhat beginner. By Foullump
  • Link - XSE tutorial by Raikou-kun.

Mapping Tutorials

  • Link - Haefele's AMap mapping naturally tutorial.
  • Link - Link's mapping tutorial.
  • Link - Neti's mapping tutorial, very simple and starts off a lot of great mappers.
  • Link - Ray's mapping 'secrets'.
  • Link - Block editing in Amap.

Graphics Tutorials

  • Link - 240/256 color titlescreen tutorial.
  • Link - tile inserting the 'easy' way.
  • Link - Guide to adding DPP sprites to GBA roms...
  • Link - Worldmap hacking, a bit more advanced.

Others will be added at another, stick with these basics to get started though...

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