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    May I join this club as well?

    I hope I get to know the members here...I'm a big fan.


    Zanpaktou Name: Iroriryuu (Furnace Dragon)
    Type: Fire/Heat/Kido
    Release Command: Yakedo (Burn)
    Manifested Form: Dragon
    Sword Description: The sword is a katana with a flame shaped hilt. It also has a red line over the hilt and in the middle of the sword vertically.
    Spirit: Iroriryuu is a large serpentine dragon with fiery wings and tail. His scales are as red as fire, and his eyes are golden. He is around the size of a small mountain and whiskers are as a house.
    Humanoid: In Human Form, he is dark skinned with golden eyes; his hair is black with red tips and is around 7 feet tall. He wears a robe with a bluish black sash; he carries his sword on his left side. His arms and legs are still draconic, but his body and head are human.

    Shikai Information: The sword becomes engulfed in flames and spreads to both my arms; it then becomes two Claymores and two canons on my arms. Each Claymore weights about ten pounds; one is blue and black while the other is red and golden. On my arms are now covered from fingertip to shoulder in a glove that is red and black, it protects my body from my flame attacks and also absorbs heat from attacks and the surrounding area. The canon themselves are nearly unseen, they are located on my wrists and are designed to look like and angry dragon.

    [Battle Data]

    In Shikai, I can attack with fire from my canons or absorb heat (Thermal energy) with my claymores. The fire is fueled by my own reitsu and spiritual pressure, which means I can make fire out of thin air as long as oxygen and heat are available. The Claymores absorb heat at the rate of every swipe or hit. They also can become super heated during combat from absorbing enough heat and become able to slash through almost anything with resistance, due to melting whatever it touches, before it ever makes contact.

    The gloves also regulate my body heat so that anything extra will go into my claymores. This also prevents me from becoming over heated and protects me from Fire based attacks and partially from lightning based attacks. (I’ll still be electrocuted if I’m not careful.) Which is why I use an Air lance in conjunction with this, to protect myself.


    Furea-Tsugeki (Flare Seeker)
    A hundred tiny fireballs are shot at the foe, locking on to there body temperature. They will follow them until impact; can be avoided by changing body temperature.

    Kasai Hei (Fire Wall)
    Flames form a protective barrier against attacks.

    Hitan Kaen (Sorrow Flame)
    I can only use this move if fueled by emotion, in exchange for calmness and control, my attacks before much more destructive and heated, making me capable of melting flesh to the bone in mere seconds. It also increases my speed as well, enough to cause friction burn, but thanks to my gloves, it makes it look like my arms are on fire.

    Iten Sakusei Su-pa Inferuno Bakufuu (Demise Creating Super Inferno Blast)
    My ultimate Shikai attack, all the heat and spiritual pressure around me is collected and released in a devastating explosion, with enough range to cover ten miles.

    Bankai Information:

    Name: Mokushi Iroriryuu (Apocalypse Furnace Dragon)
    Type: Fire/Kido/Heat
    Bankai Information:
    When using Bankai, My entire body is engulfed in flames, after my transition from Shikai to Bankai is complete, I’ll reveal myself by moving my fiery wings. In my Bankai form, my outfit is completely changed. I’m now wearing a body suit, colored Red, for Flames of Passion, Blue for flames of Destruction, Black for Flames of Despair and Golden for Flames of Glory. My entire body is covered, save for my eyes. I’m also wearing armor that covers my torso and limbs, I now have giant wings of fire bigger than my body. The wings absorb heat and spiritual energy faster than my swords and be divided in four or six. My Claymores are now sharper and heavier, around fifteen pounds now. I can now fight with no fear of getting burned by flames at all, or by heat based attacks, or any attacks that has a heat source. (I can freeze water or evaporate it, but can’t control it or absorb it completely. My legs now have the miniature canons as well, but they are mainly used in defense.

    [Battle Data (Bankai)]

    Kasai Hougeki (Fire Bombardment)
    Balls of fire, about the size of my head, shoot out of my Flame wings, exploding on contact.

    Su-pa Shinsei Bakufuu Yakedo (Supernova Blast Burn)
    All the heat and fire in a 10 miles is absorbed and then released in a devastating blast.

    Kuru Kaen (Dark Flame)
    If I ever end up in a mental state that I come full circle and can’t possibly be fueled by raging emotions anymore, this attack becomes usable. All my emotions are channeled into my Zanpaktou, leaving me only stoic and rational, calm and infallible, emotionless and driven only by resolving what ever caused me to use this move in the first place. My armor, Body suit and flames turn pitch black, my eyes become red with black irises, all my attacks are maxed out and my speed and power are greatly increased. This mode is extremely dangerous; I can no longer remember or care who I am, who my opponent is or who my allies are.