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Here it is. :)

Zanpakuto Name; Raikiri (Lightning Edge)

Type; Lightning/Kido

Zanpakuto Spirit; A combination of a man and the lightning god Raiju. He looks like a lion-like man.

Release Command; Odorokasu (To surprise/stun)

Shikai Details; Basically the blade is converted into electricity, and takes the shape of a bolt of lightning. Since it has no definite shape, I can manipulate the size and shape of the actual blade, based on the atmospheric conditions. Allows for manipulation of all electric processes.

Bankai Name; Eisō Raikiri (roughly 'Sharp lightning edge spear')

Bankai Details; 1 of 2 Bankai Techs. the sword disappears into a storm cloud then takes the shape of a giant spear composed of Lightning. It can be thrown with explosive effects, and can recreated to throw again. Relies on the charged particles in the atmosphere for maximum effect. Sort of similar in process to Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relampago. Also augments the users' shunpo and kido abilities.

Still working on the final Bankai tech.