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Originally Posted by Smile!
You better hope minchan doesn't see that. She'll kill you. XD
wasn't me
* whistles*
*flees the scene*

Originally Posted by ILP
Yeah, Smile! has a list of people who lost their arms.
And yeah, we want DEATH!
Seriously? where is it? I am curious now XD
Good it isn't just me I was demanding kills for quite some time, but these people just won't die XD being dark or not

Originally Posted by ILP
Which reminds me, has Ichigo killed anyone? Purifying Hollows doesn't count (but Arrancars do). I know that Goku only killed 2 characters in DBZ (Yakon, the guy who ate his Super-Saiyan-light, and Kid Buu).
I don't think so. In stead of killing he usually makes friends or something XD
Assuming his crazy hollow state doesn't count, otherwise he killed Ulqiuorra.

Originally Posted by Kamiya-chan
Toshiro lost an arm too, right?
More then just an arm, by the looks of it. A good piece of his left side got cut off.