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Originally Posted by Mirby View Post
Can I be a random maid trainer? Since I'm the official IRC Maid? :D

Also... Forever... Lost... hmm, wonder where you got the name.... :P

Looks awesome and I can't wait for more. ^.^
Well I've let you know that I'll out you in as a trainer :]

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
I love the deck of cards theme btw.
Thaaanks, I really need to update on that one though, but this will do for now.

Originally Posted by Mirby View Post
*gets Logiedan a sandwich*

How about now? :P

And yeah, that is a pretty cool theme. ^.^
The thread is now about sandwiches, apparently.

Originally Posted by KaiVii View Post
Wow, I'm realy impressed. I'm totally keeping an eye on this
Thanks, I hope you enjoy the new updates!

Originally Posted by Birdybot View Post
Wow, this is just... incredible. Loving the badges and menu system, by the way. I can see a lot of work has gone into this and it looks very promising indeed. I'll be watching you! :D
Thank you dearly! I've updated the new badges

Originally Posted by Mirby View Post
I just realized the menu system is based off of B/W... awesome.
Yessir, I wanted to make it look ~pretty~

Originally Posted by Cypher DS View Post
Abnegation, among the starter pokemon, Turtwig seems to offer a clear advantage - evolving twice and learning a strong ground attack to fight off the fire-type Houndoom.

Can you tell us about how you chose Turtwig, Houndour and Buziel as three starters, and how the player's first pokemon will impact their progress through the game?
There was a public vote, but the counter type starter, wont matter much at all in the game really, this wont be a carbon copy of all the previous pokemon games, therefore it wont have to have the rival popping up with the type advantage every now and then.

Originally Posted by Mirby View Post
This isn't a hack though... :P

Can't wait for an update!

Originally Posted by mulch_ar View Post
I think Floatzel and Houndoom are gonna get a new evo to balance Turtwig. I dunno, maybe a Cerberus? ;)
Oh you know too much ;]

Originally Posted by Cypher DS View Post
I understand. And taking a closer look at this thread, I see that Abnegation did address this issue earlier.
Well today you get to see something addressing the issue!

Originally Posted by tylerab01 View Post
AMAZING! You are using the mixed integration of Pokemon Black and White with the Tiles of HGSS or that style!
Indeed I am, but suggestions on how to improve the style are always welcome.

Originally Posted by THAT WONDERFUL PIXY GUY! View Post




All I have to do is wait a couple years and then I'll get to play it. n_n
Well hopefully I'll get a beta up soon. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Gmack View Post
I'll just say that this stands out in the crowd.
But it looks like you need some help.
Thank you, and we've already spoken over PM's, such as anyone who wants to join the team should do!

Originally Posted by PokemonTrainer007 View Post
Looks amazing and fits into my catagory of a great looking game. But are you going to make all the sprites sustom or only the starters?
Some more guys will be yes, some key pokemon most likely. Thanks :D

Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
Wow, this looks great! I love the in-depth storyline, it's really a great story. Good luck!
Glad you like it, I'll be adding to it today!

Storyline Extension

The Phoenix Rising
Myth #1

One of the youngest myths in the region of Hawthorne is that of “The Phoenix Rising”. Believed to have arose about forty-seven years ago, the legend follows three legendary birds and one phoenix. During a time of great poverty in Hawthorne, not too long after the war, a Phoenix was said to have flown across the farmlands of Hawthorne. It had rainbow wings which were trailed by a sparkling golden dust. The dust is said to have landed upon the farmlands and surrounding areas, this led to a sudden growth in plants, crops, grass and brought new life and happiness to the region. It brought the people of Hawthorne closer together and where there was once a tension, old ice had now broken and peace had settled across the land, Hawthorne was then saturated with positivity.

However, until recently, the whereabouts of the bird had not been queried. The myth was revisited upon sightings of large birds which had never before been seen in the region. People mistook the birds to be that of the Phonenix. This was later proven to be false, the number of new birds amounted to three; and the names the bore were: Articuno - the legendary bird of Ice, Zapdos - the legendary bird of Electricity and Moltres - the legendary bird of Fire. It is now believed that in order to reach the Phoenix, you must encounter the three legendary birds as they are seen as the protectors, three tests, three keys, to protect the Phoenix from unworthy trainers. Defeat the three birds, and you will retrieve access to the Phoenix, you shall cause; The Phoenix Rising.

New Gym Leaders and Characters

Gym Leader: Chelsea
Gym Order: 8th
Badge: Whatever-Water-Pokemon Badge
Gym Type: Water

Character Bio: Chelsea is a calm and collected gym leader recently returned from a long voyage overseas. She loves a good challenge and has traveled the world in search of the best, most exciting experiences. From the helm of her boat, Star of the Sea, she has sailed through sun and storm alike across faraway seas toward distant lands. No one is sure where Chelsea comes from. When asked about her past she beams a knowing smile as her answer. She arrived in the Hawthorne region years ago and slowly moved up the ranks among the region's Pokemon trainers, dazzling her opponents with the power of her Pokemon and the serene composure with which she commands them. As a veteran ocean traveler she naturally focuses on training Water-type Pokemon who are so valuable in her travels. While in Hawthorne she is the leader of the region's volunteer search and rescue unit and whether there is disaster looming on the horizon or simply a lost traveler in need of assistance she is ready not only to send planes and boats of rescue teams to affected areas, but to lead them personally.

Just some sprites for other leaders

Holly's Mugshot

Vivvian's Sprite (redesign)

Some badge fixes

Emma's Mugshot


A little WIP on the titlescreen

Just to note, we have some new OW's, which I still need to add shadows to.

This is merely a test map to show off the animated fire torch, so excuse the crappy mapping (cough tile error).

Dragonia Town

Laxstream Town

Routes, forests and caves

Thanks to Manipulation who did the cave map for us :D

New Pokémon, wait, what!?

Well, I set out to not have Fakemon, and I'm not going to have many, just two. So, those two will be evolutions for Floatzel and Houndoom so that they can both have 3rd stages as starters, here's a look at Hydrozel!

Show your support!

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Just an update for you guys, I do have more, but I'm going to save it for next time! Thanks for supporting us!
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