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    I told you it was gonna be Awesome XD

    Over 9000?

    Week 2 of hiatus...
    Only 6,5 more days!

    On a different note, I finished my Zanpakuto!
    It became even longer, Its almost 2,5 pages XD That what you get for making me think. Now start reading!
    I did remove stuff or explained the nature and cost of said skill. I also elaborated on details of my Ban Kai and even added some stuff, but I tried to explain the costs as specific as I could so it isn't overpowered. Just keep in mind that everything uses reiatsu and use your imagination

    Also, I would like to ask you guys if someone can translate my release command and Ban Kai name. I haven't been very successful myself...

    Zanpakuto Name: Polarity (Kyokusei)
    Type: Electric Charge – Magnetism/Element/Melee
    (Manipulating electrical charges between sub-atomic particles)
    Zanpakuto Spirit: A female who looks like Cynthia from Pokémon. Her eye and hair colour can change depending on her mood or power which she is using. It is usual Blond (electric), but can change into Purple (Magnetism), Blue (Liquids), Red (Fire), White (Air) or Silver (Metal). She has a fire pattern on her pants, a water/air pattern on her sleeves and purple lightning bolts on her back, shaped like a circle. She also has gold shining Angel-like wings.
    She has complete control over her powers and can use several moves at the same time, unlike her wielder, who can only do one at the time.
    Release Command: Polarize!

    Shikai Details: The Basis of my power is the ability to manipulate and control electrical charges between sub-atomic particles. The electric charge is fundamental to subatomic particles, which determines their electromagnetic interaction. Electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields, so I can use a slight “Force pull” or “Force Push” on small objects. In Shi Kai it does very little though, other then irritating my opponent. When using a push/pull, I cannot use anything else; I am vulnerable for attacks. So mostly it’s used for defensive purposes.
    An atom consists of a positive core and negative electrons in the orbitals. These cancel each other out, creating a neutral particle. I can pull on the electrons in order to create a positive and negative charged part. This is my main power, creating electricity. I can also add electrons to make the overall charge negative.
    By just pulling very fast, but not breaking, on molecules I can create and manipulate fire. This is my second power.
    Liquids and gasses, like water and air, are made up of charged ions. I can control and manipulate the flow diffusion of water/air. In water it doesn’t do anything besides diffusing. For example, when there is a green pool, I can separate it into a yellow half and a blue half. It isn’t really offensive on its own, unless it’s your weakness to concentrate stuff. It is only useful when cleaning toxic water/air. I have to lower my defence when doing this, so it’s only used in battle to survive in toxic water/gas.
    When given time to prepare, I can also vaporize liquids (by using heat) and by using differences in concentration gradients I can control the airflow. For example, I can vaporize a poison, put it an “air-bubble” and direct it to a target. When there is a body of water present, I can vaporize it and collect the hydrogen atoms. If needed, I can ignite it. This can’t be used in battle, since it requires time and stealth. This is one of my assassin moves. I can only direct the flow of air, not use it as an attack move. It does make me invulnerable to poison gasses, by using a gradient to facilitate diffusion. When in Ban Kai, “air-flow” is always active.

    In Shi Kai I wield twin Scimitars which are shaped like a lightning bolt. My Spirit is one person though; the two swords are connected through an electric field. The blade’s colour is Black, with a silver edge. The handles are Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, White and Silver striped; One line of each colour. The end of the handle is a circle, like a kunai. The electricity and fire are channelled through my swords; they can either shoot it or become engulfed by it. When using magnetism shield one of the swords (or both depending on the move) there is a purple aura covering it. I can do one move at the time for each sword, but I can only hold it for a limited amount of time.

    Shi Kai in short:
    Magnetism (slight push and pull on small objects)
    Active diffusion (Only against concentrated poison)

    Bankai Name: Electrifying and Incinerating Polarity
    Bankai Details: When in Ban Kai, the scimitars fuse with my clothing, creating full body armor (Not like a Knight, but more like Iron Man/Optimus prime). This armor is variable, meaning specific parts can change shape depending on the situation. I don’t have a design yet, just some details. The armor mostly facilitates my abilities. It’s made of a gold- titanium composite alloy, so its base colour is Black/Gold, with the other colours of my spirit in different places. The shoulders and upper arms look like Tesla coils.
    The lowers arms are cannons (like in Metroid), shooting energy balls/lightning bolts/Fire. The cannons can release and slide backwards to reveal my (armored) hands and the sides of the cannons transform/fold out into swords/blades (think of Predator) for melee battle. The cannons require that I have a reiatsu supply of at least 20% or else they shut down and switch to swords. They also deactivate after a big move, like “Hyperbeam” or “Gemini Overdrive”. These attacks deplete a fair amount of the preloaded reiatsu. If I have enough reiatsu left, the cannons can recharge, but this takes some time.
    I also have wings, also made of gold-titanium. The wings have double-layered feathers; only one layer of these metal feathers can be used to shoot at opponents. They can grow back by collecting metal particles, these drains my reiatsu.
    Like I said before, in Ban Kai “airflow” is always active, making me immune to toxins by diffusion. It gives me increased speed and in combination with fire control I can go pretty fast. By using magnetism I can create force shields for defence against small attacks, however the bigger the hit it takes, the more reiatsu it consumes. My signature move is shooting lightning bolts. My finishing move is “Lightning storm”. This includes, besides lightning bolts, clouds, rain and a small tornado. This drains almost all of my reiatsu, and my armor also changes for maximum output; the coils on my arms generate electricity (purple), arm cannons and swords come out and wings grow. If didn’t have my passive regeneration, I wouldn’t survive, but only activates after using my powers all out and I have no energy left. At this point I am most likely unconscious. It’s just enough to not get me killed when going all out; it’s only used in Ban Kai. It isn't effective to regenerate battle wounds.
    Technically it isn’t regeneration, but restoration. Because I do not grow from the inside out, but add molecules from the outside. If after a big, destructive battle the buildings are destroyed, I can rebuild them by using this restoration as long as the basic elements are present. To do this, I need all my reiatsu, so I cannot have used Ban Kai 24 hours prior to the restoration. Also, I lose my Ban Kai for four days afterwards. Ski Kai is weakened the first day after, but I am probably also unconscious the first day because the regeneration/restoration stepped in.

    I can be engulfed in fire/electricity/magnetic field. Looks awesome in flight, but in combat can only be used for short periods of time, since it drains a lot of reiatsu.

    These are the basics of my power, of course I have other moves, but they also drain quite some reiatsu.

    Ban Kai in short:
    Energy/Lightning control (Electricity)
    Extreme Heat (Fire)
    Force fields (Magnetism)
    Airflow (concentration gradients, automatic by diffusion)
    Armor attacks (swords/blades - wings)

    Anything Else: Most melee attacks don’t cost much reiatsu, but other attack moves drains depending on the size and power and focus needed. Electricity and fire are the least draining, magnetism a bit more depending on size and power. Airflow is automatic in Ban Kai.
    In Shi Kai I can only use a few big attacks before I am out of reiatsu.
    Ban Kai enhances the usual abilities. It is superior to most electricity and fire Zanpakuto’s, because I can control their particles to decrease their effectiveness.
    In Ban Kai fellow team members with same type abilities can recharge my reiatsu at the cost of their own.
    Also my armor is quite sturdy, an effective defence against normal melee and other smaller attacks.

    During Shi Kai transformation I hold the handle with both hands and my katana lights up, then I pull outwards and the katana becomes two scimitars.
    When going in Ban Kai there is a white flash with purple sparks and a small cyclone surrounding me, while my swords fuse with me.

    Weakness: Water/Ice is my weakness, since I will zap myself if I get wet.
    Wind elements have the advantage of range and multi direction against my one-way attacks. Note: My "airflow" is only used to remove wind resistance to increase speed and to circulate the air around me.
    Also earth elements "neutralizes" electricity and can resist fire. "In electronic circuit theory, a "ground" is usually idealized as an infinite source or sink for charge, which can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing its potential." And if you hit me with a rock slide, there isn't much I can do other then trying to evade it.
    Other type zanpakuto are equally matched, unless their special ability determines otherwise.

    I do have to note that these powers require massive amounts of reiatsu and with less then half of these attacks all my reiatsu is drained. Basically, if I don’t tell you about my powers, you wouldn’t know about them; only what you see.

    Finally; keep in mind that the following is always in effect:
    Equivalent Exchange!