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    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    In the attachment, Ive illustrated the only paths that are slightly possible, but getting into position for them are impossible. Im even standing on the dry spot you added, which doesnt really help at all....

    EDIT: Now, if the rock that's a Chess Knight's jump from my guy (2 spots up, one spot to the right) was moved to the right one space, then it'd be possible...
    Was some of this rocks moved in right way? Also have a question: how can I get Strengh and bicycle? Shall I come back to Rustboro and searching for it?

    Btw. I'm playing this hack for a bit while and I want to describe my feelings about it.

    I'm very surprised...I've never suspected that something really good can came to be in Pokemon World...Awesome ideas, plot, situations...sometimes it's a bit hard, especially at the beginning, but I know - high levels of trainer's Pokemon because of hard times in Hoenn Even my wife was surprised seeing zombie Pokemon ...hope to end this hack in unnexpected way (I have some idea, but it's only my guesswork), because, as I read older posts, people are very content of your work with that.
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