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    Ok. full post.

    Version Update 0.4 [3/12/10]

    Yay! It's here. WOOT! Almost halfway done. :)

    Heres the main features in v0.4
    -Pokemon Added: Snubbull, Phanpy, Diglett, Onix, Aron, Pineco, Poliwag and Haunter.
    -Maps Added: Cave of the Dammed, Route 9, Route 10, Mine Valley, Ferreus Mines
    -Rival Battle 4(retrofitted, Luna Forest), Morty's Gym, Rescue Miner, Jasmine's Medicine Quest + Gym
    -Limitbreak System
    -Attacks Overhawl
    -New Game +
    -Day/Night v2
    -Added Quest Log
    -More Oak sidequests
    -More Refining

    The first thing you'll notice, is that pokemon will have some attacks that say
    AE in the discription. This means the attack will attack all the enemies. It should make taking down large groups easier. On the flipside, enemies also have attacks that hurt the whole team.

    Also, with that- all your pokemon attacks should have gotten "refreshed".
    It removes all attacks the pokemon learned (including TMs) and then updates it's movelist to v0.4 standards. I couldnt do anything about the TM situation, sorry.

    Full Changelog:
    Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
    v0.4 Changelog

    Major Stuff:
    -Attack overhawl: all pokemon learn lots more attacks- atleast 16 attacks per pokemon.
    -New Attacks that target all enemies: all pokemon learn atleast 1. (earthquake, firespin, surf... etc)


    -second bug (Caterpie/Weedle) and
    -Second Kanto starter (Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander)
    +Modify Croconaw -> Fishing
    +Rare candy System replacing bitter bait.
    +Corrupted pokemon graphics are now the 4th gen graphics.


    Cave of the Dammed
    Route 9
    Route 10
    Mine Valley
    Ferreus Mines

    Main Events:

    -Rival 4
    -Mors Gym (Morty:Ghost)
    -Rescue Mine Master
    -Get Pickaxe
    -Jasmine Event
    -Ferreus Gym (Jasmine:Steel)
    -Team Rocket 4

    +CrAtoS renamed to GeoSigma
    +XxLionheartxX's type changed to Grass & Grass/Flying


    -Bury Bones Quest
    -Locked House sidequest
    -2 more Oak Quests
    -Get Dynamite
    +Flux Compicator Buckeye sidequest changed to Oak sidequest


    -Limit Break system
    -Expanded Day/Night system
    -Upon depositing a pokemon, all their equipement will be automatically unequiped
    -More Trophies
    -Questlog Item functioning (though incomplete)
    -Eevee's form changing now uses HP% rather than direct.
    -Manman Alert System
    -Bitter Bait- replaced With Rare candy dual system.
    -New AI boss music.
    -Trainer Card expanded (Est. Play Time, Saves etc.)
    -New Game +


    Version 0.4
    Size: 18.2 MB

    Progress Update

    I'm gonna be spending the next few days vastly expanding the refining system. Allowing all TMs to be made. I'll be buzzing around here to answer questions and whatnot.

    Speaking of refining- I made this image tutorial to better explain the advantages of refining.

    Version 0.753 is out
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