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Wooh finished, just defeated the Champion of black with Metagross here are all the logs(if you don't want to be spoiled then don't view them)
Log 1:
Started game
-Choose Pokabu(the fire pig for those who don't know) as my starter
-Beat Bel then Cheren
-Wild encounter code to receive my Beldum(lvl 5 of course)
-Battled and defeated N
-Received the running shoes(honestly these make the game so much faster when you don't have a speed up button)
-Defeated Cheren in the trainer school
-Obtained Yannapu
-Defeated Corn(he uses the water monkey)
-Beat Team Plasma
-Beat Cheren
-Beat Team Plasma
-Beldum evolved into Metang
-Beat Aloe using metal claw
-Beat Team Plasma and received the dragon skull
-Beat Team Plasma at Hiun city
-Beat Arty with Metal Claw
-Beat Bel
-Beat Cheren

Log 2
-Defeated N
-Defeated Kamitsure using a lot of rock tombs and confusions
-Defeated Cheren
-Beat Team Plasma in the cooler
-Defeated Yacon with a rock smash (it's a tm and tm's are infinite so I've been swapping a couple moves around to make battles easier) and metal claw
-Defeated Bel
-Beat N
-Metang evolved into Metagross!
-Climbed Tower of Heaven
-Defeated Fuuro with metal claw and physic
-Captured Hatooboo
-Beat Cheren
-Beat Hatchiko with meteor mash
-Beat Plasmas leader

Log 3
-Travelled through resort desert
-Received the white stone
-Beat Bel
-Meet team plasma, story line progress
-Beat Shaga with meteor mash
-Defeated Cheren(just though I would mention at this point I'm 20 lvls higher then everything, rivals, gym leaders etc)
-Travelled through Victory road
-Ok so as some of you may know you can fight the elite four in any order! For this run I have decided to do it in this order: Fighting, Ghost, Dark Psychic.
-Challenged and defeated Renbu with zen headbut(btw what kind of fighting type has sturdey >.<)
-Challenged and defeated Skikimi with zen headbut
-Challenged and defeated Giima with meteor mash and Hammer arm
-Challenged and defeated Cattleya with pursuit and meteor mash
-Finished off team Plasma
-It's not over yet however I still have to defeat the champion, but before I can do that I must train(he's lvl70+) so I'm going to explore the 3 citys I haven't been to yet and try to lvl up to around 85-90
-Travelled to black town
-Travelled to Sazanami Town
-Travelled to Kagome Town
-Returned to the Pokemon league(Metagross is at lvl 84) I shall be challenging them in the same order as before

Log 4
-Challenged Renbu:
Fighting against psychic all I need to say
-Defeated Renbu
-Challenged Shikimi
Pursuits where all the rage
-Defeated Shikimi
-Challenged Giima
All meteor mashes here
-Defeated Giima
-Challenged Cattleya(It's actually Caitlin but the translation says Cattleya)
Mostly meteor mashes and hammer arms
-Defeated Cattleya
-Challenged the champion Adeku
-Agiruuda was a meteor mash
-Ulgamoth took some tricky switching so that overheat wouldn't KO me, then he fell to a rock tomb(I taught it to Metagross just to take this thing down)
-Baffuron went down to 2 meteor mashes
-Crimgan was only 1 meteor mash to take down
-Shubaruga was taken out by 2 hammer arms
-Baibarnira was out with 1 meteor mash
-Defeated Adeku
-Became the champion!!!!!!

Challenge complete woot

I must say the game was fairly easy up until the elite four rematch which was insane, however it would have been so much easier had I not forgotten to restock on revives before rematching them. I ended up having to vs them all with only 2 revives and 2 max revives making it very hard. BTW the champions Ulgamoth is a total beast XD was the hardest thing to take down.

Well anyway I'm glad I did this and that I can now feel that Metagross's solo days can be put to rest(at least until they come up with a new game ), but this doesn't mean I'm gonna stop using Metagross on my teams. I mean before this challenge I had a 2 lvl 100 Metagross's one of which shiny(chained) but now I have soon to be 5 lvl 100 Metagross(would be 7 but hoenn and kanto where emulated) honestly I just can't stop training them!

I think I wont do the Black part of my previous Kabutops run until awhile after Christmas as this is my second playthrough of Black within a week and can't be bothered playing through again right now.
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