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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    So, are you saying here that we cannot have more than FF (255) maps or map names unless it can be expanded?
    Without rewriting the routine in a fashion similar to what I have above (Obviously, that's just a small example of what we'd need to do, not a full routine), we cannot have more than 0xFE (254) maps (as there needs to be a null map for the routine to work).

    I forgot this when I posted that info last night, will modify momentarily.

    We CAN have more than that, but it'd require substantially more work.

    EDIT: First test, modified the limiting byte at 0x080C4D8A to 0x6D and repointed the various tables. On entering a map with 0xC5 as it's header (the previous upper limit) it correctly loaded a tester name. However, the world map simply crashes upon an attempt to load it, so I've clearly missed something important out. (Obviously, I also upped the limiting bytes for the world map routine too).
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