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    So I had an idea for a fan fic before, and after revising I think I'm ready to pull it off. Without giving out too much...

    The story is about a gang of Pirates, the Sea King Pirates to be exact. The story takes place in a Pokemon only inhabited by Pokemon, like in the mystery dungeon games. The plot is set off when the world council ( an alliance of the political leaders of this world, the central Government) strikes a deal with these Pirates. On their end of the deal they must do what they do best, and hunt down the greatest treasures in the world, The Essences.

    Why are these lowly sea thieves chosen for the task? In addition to many little political details, this pirate crew was the first to do something many thought were impossible; they've actually managed to find one of these treasures and now have it in their possession.

    And that's the basics of it. It'll be very action and adventure oriented with plenty of crew bonding.

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