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Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
Inferno hurt herself in confusion!

But yeah, Karpman and I were talking on AIM and these were the general agreements we came up with (a lot of these ideas we've already discussed, but now it looks a little prettier)

  • There would be two teams with balanced members on each side. A committee (set up here, soon) will check and balance the teams out.
  • Once the teams are set up, we will move on to a draft. Selections would be based off of families, not individual Pokemon. I think there are around 290 families of Pokemon, and I imagined somewhere around 10 families per person, which would allow up to 29 participants. If we have more than that, I think we should do an upper (more experienced) division and a lower (less experienced) division. The two teams would stay the same, just for the selection of Pokemon, you are put into divisions.
  • For the draft, Pokemon will be arranged based on how good they are, and assigned a number ranging from something like 1-5. During the draft, there will be a number (subject to change, but I say something around 30) that cannot be exceeded with your 10 pokemon. This way, certain teams won't be too much better than other teams. It will be more about diversity over pure power.
  • After all the Pokemon are distributed, a new sign up sheet is introduced. This will have a certain number of monotypes, solo challenges, Nuzlockes, etc. for the team members to sign up for. They will not know this/have access to this list until they pick Pokemon, so they can't really plan on making certain teams for every challenge, because they won't know exactly how many of each challenge there will be.
  • After each team has signed up on the second sheet, you will "race" by in game time on livestream. The first person to finish the challenge wins points for their team. Certain "harder" challenges will be worth more points than the "easier" challenges. If the person you are racing does not do their challenge in a certain amount of time, they are disqualified and you win by default.
For the point totals, Karpman and I are planning on each making a rough draft of what we think the values should be, and then comparing notes. You guys can join in if you want. What do you think about the whole thing?
Hmm this sounds good, but will there be certain rules about the 2x speed button on emulators, or will we not even be allowed emulators? Anyway I'm a bit confused about the live stream stuff seen as I've never used it.

Just a question, Say I join up to a solo challenge and am assigned with the following families:
Bulbusaur-Venusuar, Growlithe-Arcanine, Ryhdon-Rhyperior, Dratini-Dragonite, Hoppip-Jumpluff, Unown, Wurmple-Dustox/Beautifly, Feebas-Milotic, Gible-Garchomp and Dokkora-Roopushin.
I then pick to solo with Bulbasaur through Venusuar, once I have finished the first challenge if I do another challenge am I limited to the pokemon that I have already been given, the same pokemon as I used before or am I given a completely new set of pokemon?
Completed challenges:

Ultimate solo run with Kabutops

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Ultimate solo run with Nidoking, [K][J][H][S][U]
Black part of solo rune with Kabutops

Evidently I like solo challenges

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