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    Originally Posted by stargate1995 View Post
    Hmm this sounds good, but will there be certain rules about the 2x speed button on emulators, or will we not even be allowed emulators? Anyway I'm a bit confused about the live stream stuff seen as I've never used it.

    Just a question, Say I join up to a solo challenge and am assigned with the following families:
    Bulbusaur-Venusuar, Growlithe-Arcanine, Ryhdon-Rhyperior, Dratini-Dragonite, Hoppip-Jumpluff, Unown, Wurmple-Dustox/Beautifly, Feebas-Milotic, Gible-Garchomp and Dokkora-Roopushin.
    I then pick to solo with Bulbasaur through Venusuar, once I have finished the first challenge if I do another challenge am I limited to the pokemon that I have already been given, the same pokemon as I used before or am I given a completely new set of pokemon?
    We might not even need to care about the 2x speed. Since we're going with in game time (At least I think we should), if you use the speed button, that will only hurt your time if you hit a wall.

    I thought that it would be more like everyone just has one or two challenges to do. That way, the number of challenges completed stays the same and makes it easier on the committee to see who won.
    Originally Posted by chaos11011 View Post
    So wait, for people on Nuzlocke how will that work? If a certain group (or person) has 10 families, will you start off the game with those 10, or will you still have to take the chance of "not find the Pokemon on the First encounter" or will you have infinate times to catch that Pokemon, but capture that Pokemon once.
    I was thinking about that. I'm thinking that if you're doing a Nuzlocke, since the Nuzlocke challenge basically completely goes against this challenge, if you end up picking Nuzlocke for your challenge, the Pokemon that you use for the draft just don't matter. That's still okay if we choose to have everyone do two challenges each, because then you can pick a Nuzlocke and a non Nuzlocke and still need the Pokemon you picked. If we only do one challenge per person, then you probably want to pick worse Pokemon, because your team would need the better ones. I've also thought about breaking the draft instead of a free for all and going against everyone, breaking into teams and each team gets to choose through all the Pokemon.
    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
    I have a question for you challengers.
    I'm seriously considering pulling out my old GBA (yes, that old dusty thing) and playing through my game of Ruby again. I want to partake in a challenge when I play through this time, instead of my standard Swampert/Torkoal/Tropius run. What challenge would you people recommend for one who only vaguely remembers the layout of Hoenn?
    Hmmm, well Nuzlocke would always be fun, especially if you don't remember the region very well. Honestly, I would stay away from a solo, because I always want to use Swampert (he's just so good, what can I say?) You might want to try a monotype to force yourself to use more than just Swampert, or pick a type that's not water or ground.