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    Note: Having now finished this post, I realized that I'm basically taking several paragraphs to say absolutely nothing, since I've already decided to convert the thing into an original fiction and hope for the best. So unless you're really bored and want to hear me rant about the peculiarities of the status of my story as not quite fan fiction or original fiction, feel free to skip this post in its entirety.

    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    It probably would be. Because if you want to use the basics of the characters from Pokemon in your original fanfiction, then why not just write Pokemon fanfiction? That way, you won't be accused of stealing characters, you won't have to think up names, and you'll have a built-in audience.
    I considered it, because almost all of the characters are lifted directly from the game, and then fleshed out a bit and occasionally repurposed slightly to fit the altered theme of the world. I could've just altered things back, and changed the Pokemon universe only slightly to facilitate the plot (the biggest change being that the Leagues aren't just a major sporting event but a method of asserting political power, in order to keep the main characters' motivations intact).

    But that would also mean drastically altering the party dynamics of Red's team. In the fiction I've ended up outlining, one of Red's biggest roles is that of keeping the party together even though all of its members have different motivations. This falls apart completely if they're all Pokemon. Most of their motivations just don't apply anymore. It doesn't make any sense for fully half the time to be so concerned with personal wealth, fame, or status if they're Pokemon, and Silent Hill's motivation revolves around her parents having been imprisoned for being political dissidents against Giovanni's iron-fisted rule of Viridian City. This stops making sense in context of Pokemon. Pokemon are typically loyal to their trainer by default, and even if I made it an AU where this isn't true, Red would still be more controlling his Pokemon through sheer force of will than manipulating them into sticking together to chase after a shared goal. Not to mention, adapting Silent Hill's motivation to her being a Pokemon is going to sound like a cartoonishly preachy statement about cruelty to animals.

    Everything else about your story is different, though. So that's good.
    Erm, no. Looking back, it sounded like that, but only because I spent most of my time explaining the differences (or really, the one big difference) between normal Pokemon fan fiction and my story. My story is literally just the Pokemon story with nothing but surface details changed. The main plot and the characterization of everyone outside the main party are exactly the same, and that's because the main party doesn't have characterization in Pokemon. Red's literally a blank slate for the player to project on, and his Pokemon are characterized solely by a two-sentence Pokedex entry.

    Really, that's the whole problem. This story exists in a sort of a twilight zone between original and fan fiction. It's not just the names that would need to be changed, since the plot and 90% of the characters are also unchanged. I plan to just ignore that completely and hope people don't pick up on the similarities, but anyone who noticed one similarity, just by chance, would probably pick up on the rest very quickly.

    Of course, all this could be solved by just taking the original parts of the story and changing the details. Altering the geography and order the cities are visited in, moving certain gym leaders/nobles around, changing the activities of my Team Rocket expies to reflect the newly altered geographic and political landscape...

    But I don't really want to go through that much effort, to be honest. I'm still kind of recovering from the burnout that followed from an aborted collaborative writing project two months ago, and I'm honestly looking for an easy project to get me started writing again. Finally putting this odd little idea of mine down into writing seems like a really good idea. The structure of the plot is already written down for me, and I already have a bunch of interesting characters with differing and often conflicting motivations, including one who's dedicated to making sure the whole team doesn't fall apart. All I really have to do is stick them in Point A and watch the protagonist try to get them all to Point B, personalities bouncing off of one another and character growth happening all on its own, without any forethought on my part.

    Anyways. /rant I hope anyone who ends up reading all of this gets something out of it all, because I'm worried it may have ended up sounding a lot whinier than it was supposed to.
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