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Update Time!
  • Made it out of Mt. Moon (Without Flash)
  • Battled a few of the trainers around Mt. Moon and reached Lavander town and healed Rapidash
  • Exited Lavander town and headed West towards Celadon City, battled a few trainers on the way and did abit of grinding and Rapidash grew a couple of levels
  • Reached Celadon City and explored, entered the Game Corner and battled the Team Rocket Member, entered the hideout, got a few items, battled all the Rockets, battled the leader Giovanni & cleared out the hideout and got the Silph CO. from Giovanni
  • After alot of batteling, healed Rapidash and went to take on Erika at the Celadon City Gym with Rapidash & HM slave (cut) Charmander
  • Entered the Celadon City Gym, battled all the trainers in the Gym and gained a couple of Levels, had no problem considering Rapidash is fire type and this gym was grass type
  • Healed up Rapidash (again) and took on Erika, I was about 20 levels above and had the advantage of type so this was the easiest gym so far, all 4 Pokémon 1 Hit K.Oed and defeated Erika within seconds!
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