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    Well, I have just started a Scyther solo run on Soulsilver. I know, it seems easy. Because Scyther is ridiculously good in Soulsilver, I have set certain restrictions on myself.

    -No healing outside or inside of battle unless it's at a Pokemon Center
    -No using TMs on Scyther. Using HMs on HM slaves are acceptable, however.
    -Only Scyther can be used in battle. Period. If Scyther faints, I'll just start out from my last save point.

    So, this isn't quite a normal solo run. After this I will be do other ones with the same rules (Abomomasnow solo run, anyone?). Anyways, I have started.

    After going through all the boring starting info, I hacked a Scyther into my game, who I named Buzzkill. The Totodile I chose at Elm's lab would be a Surf/Waterfall slave. I grinded Buzzkill up to Level 10, at which point a went to Mr.Pokemon's house, took the egg, and recived my Pokedex. Along the way, I ran into someone who I did not know. His Chikorita was brought down by two powerful Quick Attacks.
    At the lab, I reported to the police officer that the red haired boy's name was Chris (After my brother, who the rival reminds me of). Then, I travelled on to Violet City. The trainers on Route 30 and 31 were no match for Buzzkill's attacks. I grinded up a bit, at which point I went on to the Sprout Tower. Bellsprout and Hoothoot? No problem. Buzzkill took 'em all out.
    As you obviously expect, the next thing to do was challenge the gym. I quickly healed at the Pokemon Center before rushing on to the gym. Soon...

    Gym Battle!

    Falker was no problem, unlike I suspected. Pidgey was taken down in seconds. It took 3 blows to take Pidgeotto down, but it did minimal damage with it's Gust.

    Afterward, I ran off to the Pokemart to grab the Pokemon Egg, which will certainly never get past Togepi.

    Solo Runner after Falkner:

    Buzzkill, Level 16 - Quirky nature - Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, False Swipe, Pursuit

    Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario