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Actually cancel the Abra->Kadabra->Alakazam run. I'll do a on Slowpoke->Slowbro run on Leaf Green. After I've finished I might carry on to a ultimate but I'm not sure now.

EDIT: I've started. Named myself Daichi and Rival Gary. I modded the starter so I got a Slowpoke instead of Bulbasaur and named him Solobro. Charmander was easy after a couple of curses. Followed the story. Got a pokedex. Faced Brock.

Gym Battle 1 Brock

Team before
Solobro Lv.12

Vs. Geodude.
I used curse 6 times and my tackle Still did minimal damage.(maybe because he kept using defence curl). He finally got taken down by a tackle but after I use 3 or 4 potions. Then Solobro learnt water gun

Vs. Onix
Water gun. That was it.

Went through Mt. Moon and I'm outside Misty's Gym.

Solobro Lv. 23
Quirky Nature
-Water Gun
Challenges In Progress:

Challenges Complete:
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