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Originally Posted by mamoswineftw View Post
Just get the Thief TM 46 from Eterna and use that. I'm pretty sure Nidorino can learn it and would make finding a Moon Stone (or any wild-hold item) a lot easier.
Huh. I forgot about that method. But it's too late now, I got it the other way. It wasn't that hard actually, I only had to catch three before I found one. Apparently a 5% chance is the same as a 33% chance. XP

-Went through Mt. Coronet and got the Moons Stone
-Arrived in Hearthome City
-Went to Contest Dome and found Fantina
-Entered her Gym
-Ended up teaching Titan Thief because he only had two moves that could affect Ghost types, and one of them was a Poison type move (talk about irony)
-Beat Fantina, though it took a little while due to FREAKIN' CONFUSE RAY and got her badge
-Beat my rival
-Went to Solaceon Town and got HM05 in the ruins
-Traveled all the way to Veilstone and met with Dawn
-Titan learned Poison Jab, then I evolved him, at which time he learned Earth Power
-Entered Maylene's Gym and took her down with Peck and Earth Power, getting her badge
-Beat up the two Galactic freaks and got HM02
-Ran down to Pastoria
-Had a little fun with the Croagunk sign (Did anyone else have a Croagunk walk up and look at you the first time you stepped behind the sign? I did and I can't figure out if it's supposed to happen.)
-Battled and destroyed my rival again
-Taught Titan Shock Wave and spammed through the Gym
-Zapped Wake into a crisp to get his badge
-Witnessed Galactic bomb explosion
-Chased a Galactic freak and kicked his ass
-Got the Secretpotion from Cynthia
-Is currently returning to Hearthome City the long way for more exp.

That's all for now.
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