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Koaleaf - Burgoat - Akwabil
Designed by The Cynic (vivalaevolution)
Sprited by darthvagabond (alexdashogun)

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever, but I took a Christmas haitus and January brought complete pademonium with it. I'm back now - and ready to get things done. :cer_smile:

Originally Posted by Birdybot View Post
Wow, I'm pretty impressed by all this. I'd use the map made by you, I think it might be the darker routes but it looks cool :D

Originally Posted by ~NeOn~ View Post
I liked his game.
It has good graphics, like much of fakemons too.
Change the mini sprite. And the Pokemon Center and Mart, they do not match the other tiles.
Just some suggestions
Good luck! I hope to see more updates.

Mini-sprite is only temporary. All other tiles are being updated also.


Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
Have I posted in this thread before? I don't think so. Anyway on that last update-post-guy-thing I am definitely in favor of the map style on the left. It just seems much more vibrant and makes more geographical sense, it doesn't hurt that I absolutely loathe the HGSS style of region map, with its random giant icons to represent things...

Originally Posted by GOG TOXIC View Post
The map on the left is much more appealing. The right side map is just very bland overall. I've bookmarked this page to keep up with the updates. Hopefully you can find a good tiler. Psyched for the eventual release.

Hopefully we can find one soon.


Originally Posted by RulerArceus View Post
Left Map.
Believe me,Left Map is best.


Note:Extreme Off-topicness.



I can be off-topic too.

Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
Dude, mine looks like a pile of c**p compared to yours. xD Awesome work, man. :3

No, your map is more professional coherent in my opinion. Mine is more geographically accurate because I know the region inside out. Yours has more love. :cer_wink:

Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
Left map looks better, but you should change the colour of the towns, Kinda hard to see them.

Originally Posted by evulpsyduck View Post
I like the left map, the darker color looks good but I prefer the desert and mountain areas on the right map


Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
Toastier this game is new no download yet sorry. Gonna have to wait a loong while because fan games take a lot of time and effort. {sorry if i wasnt ment to say that}.

Anyway on topic, i love this game i reckon its gonna be a great success ima support it


Originally Posted by toastier View Post
ohhhhhhhh. i found the banner for this game in a different games' forum, and i just clicked on itt cuz it looked interesting. i didn't realize this was under the game development forum. sorry! haha.
but this REALLY does look like a good game. i'll be sure to play it once it's got a demo/beta or whatevurr. c:

Originally Posted by UltraXTheMagmaDrapion View Post
Woah! I just looked through the whole thing, this looks epic! Can't wait! I'd put a banner in my sig except it's already too big to add to it. Great job! Hope this gets finished!


Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
i found this and noticed the name "sands of time" *cough*prince of persia movie*cough* but other than that really nice game dude.

Actually the phrase "Sands of Time" was probably first made by Socrates in Ancient Greece and therefore predates Prince of Persia by quite some time. It refers to the finite existance of all things in our Universe. It's like "Picture Perfect" and "Case Closed"; they are used as the titles of video games but don't actually originate from the video game creators themselves.


Originally Posted by altariaking View Post
I love games with fakemon, especially good ones. And I love good tiles too. Overall, seems pretty nice. Hope to see some more updates soon


Originally Posted by ~Wind~ View Post
Great work on the game, I prefer your map.
Anyways, I can't wait to get Absyl.
Just two days and this thread would be dead...
My projects never die, don't you worry. :cer_wink:



Well the Vicitalis Dex has been finalised to include c. 320 species of Pokemon (a mixture of official and fakemon). Examples of official Pokemon to be found in the region are:

I'm not going to publish a full Pokedex because, hey, surprises are fun.

The Region design has been completely finalised. I've tweaked a bit and so I'll update the map at some point (right now I'm focused on mapping to routes/settlements etc.). The changes are mainly just names; Radiant City now goes by LaCaprice City and Sactuary Town now goes by Al-Akhdar Town.

The badges have been made for the region's gyms. The designs are by me (The Cynic/vivalaevolution) and PokemonMasta. They were sprited, quite brilliantly, by Sap-Green.

1. Cure Badge - Eletha - Ode Town
2. Heart Badge - Valentino - LaCaprice City
3. Piste Badge - Rhona - Everlanche City
4. Labyrinth Badge - Arnott - Drygulch City
5. Transducer Badge - Buzz - Neonbright City
6. Papillon Badge - Lindsey - Tropicao City
7. Fate Badge - Laquetta - Murkreek Town
8. ??? Badge - ??? - Aeonopolis City [I said I liked secrets]

Now I need to reach out to the folks of Pokecommunity and ask:


We already have all the concepts we need for gym leaders/fakemon/trainers/towns but we need talented pixel-artists. I can only go so far on my own. All work will off-course be credited.

Anyway, I'm currently re-mapping all of the Southern Province of the region with better tiles and layouts so expect some juicy screenies in the not-too-distant future.

I'd just like to thank everyone who's supported/contributed to this project since it started last year as a fledgling hack over in the Scrapbox. I'll aim not to disapoint.

Just before I go, here are the starters. Enjoy!

Designs by The Cynic/vivalaevolution (deviantart account).
Sprites by darthvagabond/alexdashogun (deviantart account).

Koaleaf - Burgoat - Akwabil

Koapeira - Smoldhorn - Plattail

Koalyptus - Vulcapra - Obdurox

Who will you choose?