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    I started my journey named k137an
    chose a totodile as my starter, i left my house and began to travel towards cherrygrove town on the way totodile got to level 6 and when i arrived at mr.pokemons house with my new running shoes totodile was level 7, professor oak gave me a pokedex and mr.pokemon gave me the pokemon egg and i left the house. as i came out the door i got a phone call from prof elm, he told me that a chikorita had been stolen from the lab, which i dont understand because he stands right at the back of the lab facing the door so how did my rival get past him???

    any way i left the route with mr pokemons house on it and arrived back in cherrygrove, i used the pokemon centre and left cherrygrove, well i tried but a boy with red haired boy ran up to me told me that the pokemon was wasted on me which technically is true because i was going to trade him for a dratini as soon as i finished the really long opening to this game. i defeated the red haired trainer and he told me i was a waste of space again and then he ran but i stole his trainer card ( am i some kind of ninja) unfortunately he noticed and took it back.

    when i arrived back in new bark town i spoke to professor elm and the police officer thought i was the thief! convieniently timed as always lyra ran in and told the officer about a red haired boy looking into the building, i said i battled a boy like that and i knew his name (not mentioning that i stole his trainer card) and for some reason i called my rival :0
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