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- Trained my team using the many trainers in Castelia City.
- Beat the Plasma.
- Beat the gym.
- Played in the sand~ (Went through desert)
- Got the Plume Fossil.
- Caught a Yamask.
- Trained team up to Lv.27 (except Victini)
- Traded over a Gurdurr from my Japanese White to evolve it for my team.

I am battling N right now, about to challenge the leader. I also gave all my Pokemon PokeRus~

My team is:

Victini Lv.26
Rash w/Amulet Coin
- Confusion
- Flame Charge
- Headbutt
- Grass Knot

Dewott Lv.28 Male
Adamant w/Mystic water
- Razor Shell
- Retaliate
- Water Pulse
- Revenge

*Servine Lv.27 Male
Hardy w/Eviolite
- Leaf Tornado
- Cut
- Glare
- Leech Seed

Swoobat Lv.27 Female
Serious w/Scope Lens
- Heart Stamp
- Air Cutter
- Confusion
- Attract

Yamask Lv.28 Female
Lax w/Wide Lens (For Will-O-Wisp)
- Return
- Hex
- Ominous Wind
- Will-O-Wisp

Conkeldurr Lv.30 Female
Careful w/Rocky Helmet
- Rock Throw
- Wake-Up Slap
- Strength
- Bulk Up
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