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    (includes both the normal version and the question edition.)

    • makes messages up to 5 lines and a final end message if you want.
    • can add sounds and music in between sections or alone.
    • extremely easy to use movement creator with buttons.
    • warp creator turn anything that you can talk to into a warp.
    • Give Item Creator, create any item with any amount.
    • Give Pokemon Creator (with images) choose any lvl and hold item.
    • Heal Pokemon option.
    • An option to only be used one time, kinda more advanced tho.
    • Give Egg Creator, create any pokemon in an egg.
    • Question Edition allows you to do Yes or No Options used for making starter pokemon and other yes or no options.
    This program can quickly create script codes for you without almost any knowledge of how to make scripts, lets say you wanted a script that moves a trainer left 5 times and then says a message to make the script it would have been something retarded like 0x8337 0x84734 0x474 0x4663 and longer then that for the message however with this program you don't have to know what any of that junk is, all you have to do is a press a few buttons and poof you have your script all ready to be compiled into your rom. (You may need to know how to compile a script once you have it, I'm not sure my method for the compile button will work for very many people.)


    Questions comments concerns ideas, whatever post them here, don't tell me the compiling doesn't work I already know it wont work for some users if that's the case for you then just compile the scripts manually after you save them, I made this last year just didn't have internet till now so here it is XD.
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