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    ~ Reki's (shortened) Mini Gaming Archive ~

    Raptr: Reki
    If you don't know what Raptr is, do a quick google search. This is just here so you can see a list of the games I play across PS3 and the PC.

    Playstation Network (PSN): Dearu

    I am sometimes on my PS3, and I am usually available to play anything. I have a variety of games, so i'll most likely have a game if you ask me. To save space I removed my obnoxious list of PS3 games.

    Nintendo 3DS: - 0516-7271-9833
    • Resident Evil Revelations
    • Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D
    Origin: Adoramereku
    • Battlefield 3 (PC)

    Steam ID: FenrirReki
    I am always on Steam and I own a variety of games. Although I am mainly on DOTA 2 and Blacklight Retribution, I don't mind playing anything else.

    xFire: Kanhel(Reki)

    Battlefield 3 Battlelog:
    • PC - Dearu
    Side Info:
    These are other games along with my usernames and other information.
    Blacklight Retribution:
    • Kudamon
    Combat Arms:
    • Rioreusu
    Digimon Masters:
    • Dearu
    Diablo III:
    • Reki (#1292)

    (Working on a better signature + avy)