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Finally updating with some new stuff...

First up, a colorized version of a Fakemon I designed over 3 years ago:

Liftbelle (Japanese: キヌトンボ Kinutonbo) is a Bug/Dragon-type Fakemon introduced in Pokemon HeavenEarth Version. Liftbelle is the Stage 2 evolution of Wanzer. Liftbelle is based on a dragonfly and a silkmoth. Liftbelle's Japanese name (Kinutonbo) is a combination of the Japanese words "kinu" (silk) and "tonbo" (dragonfly). Its English name comes from the German word for dragonfly, "libelle", combined with "lift". I made an effort to color this one similarly to the classic Ken Sugimori illustrations. Though it's probably the best I've done, I still need to work on this style...

Next up is a custom mug I designed in one of my graphic design classes:

A maneki neko-themed mug. I based this artwork on the tessallation I did a couple years ago. If you're interested in downloading or buying this print, click here.

A friend of mine requested a Pikachu drawing, so here's what I made:

You know, Pikachu is actually one of the harder Pokemon for me to draw, it and Eevee. They look pretty simple, but rarely can I get them to look right. To this day, I've not managed to draw a decent Pikachu or an even semi-decent Eevee.

And then I started making pictures in Microsoft Publisher:

I love my Noko. <3

The cutest fusion in the world:

On another Pokemon forum, I had requested a splice of Dunsparce and Oshawott. I thought the result was adorable, so I made some art of it.

And then I was inspired:

To draw Oshawott.

Which led to:

Its evolution! Dewott is one of my favorite Generation 5 Pokemon.

I hope you enjoyed this update!

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