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    Pokemon Emerald-Artificial Genesis

    The aim of Pokemon Emerald-Artificial Genesis is not exactly to create a new game. Instead it is intended to improve on the existing Pokemon Emerald with a tighter plot, rebalanced pokemon, some new areas, and various other tweaks. This is also my first hack, so go easy on me.

    In the last few months, Hoenn has inexplicably been thrust into a time of change. Due to the unusual climate changes, many pokemon have migrated and the continent is in a state of confusion. The changes all seem to revolve around one person, a young man that our hero is fated to meet at every turn. This new enemy will become more and more dangerous, attacking the player with everything from traditional battles to vanishing pokemon gyms.

    -All pokemon obtainable.
    -Best items are easier to get.
    -Many trainers have different pokemon.
    -Gym leaders have significantly better teams.
    -Some pokemon have new stats, movesets, and even altered types.
    -New areas.
    -A brand new antagonist that surpasses both Magma and Aqua.
    -Occasional references to literature, other video games, etc.
    -Several inconsistencies fixed. IE. No female Machoke.
    -Running indoors.
    -All pokemon can breed (at least with Ditto).
    -Safari Zone pokemon never run away.
    -Fishing rod always hooks something.
    -More features pending.


    Utilities that were used include:
    -Advance Map 1.92
    -Advance Attack

    This hack is currently complete up through the second badge (Brawly). The only current (self-confirmed) issue with the hack is some sound corruption. I already know the cause, so treat it as a temporary problem and muscle through.

    Release Information
    You will need vba, A-ptch, XSE, a clean rom and the attached download to play this game. This is a beta, and my main purpose uploading it before it's finished is so that you can help me find any bugs or features you disagree with now as opposed to later. Feel free to PM/VM me any game-related issues as well.

    Emerald-Artificial Genesis 0.1 beta-fixed

    Starting Instructions
    1. Get everything listed above.
    2. Open the ROM in XSE.
    3. Click on tools>rom resizer>expand (make sure it says FF).
    4. Use A-ptch to patch the newly expanded ROM
    5. Play it.