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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
It's just that people are really overprepared for that kind of threat. Everyone's going to run one if not multiple checks to something like that - the fact of the matter is that DD Tyranitar just isn't very effective with its typing and speed issues. Plus, everyone has to be prepared for Excadrill, too - and Tyranitar's moveset doesn't step beyond Excadrill's, really. If you're looking for a Dark-type DD abuser I'd take a look at Scrafty - it's very bulky, has incredibly solid coverage, and with Moxie boosts just gets more powerful every time it KOs something. Or you could use Shed Skin and be able to set up in the face of Paralysis, Toxic, and Burn knowing that the status will fade shortly.
I think I could live without Dragon Dance. After reading about how DDTar used to be popular during the 3rd Gen, you're absolutely right- Dragon Dance is just too predictable nowadays. It just doesn't seem to weight in my favor much. However, Scrafty (I do have one set up with competitive battling "in mind") is a great idea and maybe a good addition to my team if I choose to replace one of them. I gotta say.. it seems almost wrong to have a Dark Monotype team and not have Tyranitar.. But I'll just have to do some battling and find what works for me. I'm certainly not limited to these six Pokemon. There's plenty of other Dark Types out there.

Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
You can definitely just post on this thread again with your own input to our suggestions. :) If you mean just editing your team to our suggestions and not trying them out quite yet, it'd be best if you edited your first post; if you mean coming back after having played with our suggestions a little while and giving your input on it, it'd probably be good for you to just make a new post (not a new thread) on this thread. :3
Excellent! :D I will put serious consideration into everyone's advice and come back to edit my original post with changes made. Afterwards, once I have tested the party as it stands, (if I feel like I need the help) I will re-post my team.

Thanks everyone!! You've all been so much help! :D