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    I would think you might take it a little more seriously, but I almost peed my pants reading that! It's just as satisfactory.

    My response, myself, to my signature's statements and questions would be, in respective order:

    This means that life on Earth is just a trial, and the rest of your experiences will be something more real than what is now.

    If I don't enjoy the lemonade, I would pour sugar in it in strife for it to be better! I sugar-coat e'rything as it is...


    They don't. HA~

    Yes...who will argue with an idiot? An idiot?

    EDIT: Sorry guys, got off topic. Uh...
    Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
    Anyone else have "Gay Powers?"
    Life on Earth is like a man's shadow; it is something to compare the reality to.

    The saying "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" means to make the best of what you have; but what if you don't enjoy lemonade?

    The only way to achieve true bliss is to die; if moms knew this, we'd be short 50% of the female population.

    If two electric trains are running on two different planes of reality, and those two planes merge, how would one find out about the other before the crash?

    And, in closing, if one squabbles with a true fool, after a while, he will begin to question who the real fool is.