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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
You have to realize that each and every Pokemon has a specific and distinct purpose. Gothitelle's purpose is to be a special attacker/wall to those who use it. If you personally use yours for a different purpose, thats fine, no one could really force you otherwise no matter how questionable it may be, but Gothitelle in general is accepted as a Pokemon that is unable to use any physical move whatsoever because of it's abysmal attack power.

Gallade is a far better physical psychic, if anything.
I mean that Gothitelle is not really accepted in general. Alot of people hate her in fact 1 out of 10 fans will like her. I know it's an opinion thing but can you see where Im coming from and why I would want to make her this god mod Pokemon?

I use mine as a special attacker now sense I now about stats. I used to use mine as a Phsycal attaker. It only had one special move come to think of it. The rest was Brick break, Rock slide and Low sweep.

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