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    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    I've started my research! (When i get worked up about something, i do a whole lot for it. Expect some more on my completely free tomorow ):

    - 1. Gen has 3 Pokemon in the "Fast" Exp group: Chansey, Wigglytuff and Clefable. Chansey is too weak and rare, Wigglytuff has bad moves, but Clefable is viable.
    - Obvious maybe, but the starters are perfect for this. Good stats and moves. All in the medium slow experience group, with needs less exp than medium fast until lv 68, making it better for this.
    IF we doing Speed RU,Bulbasaur's the best,super effective against 2 first gyms,and good against Surge
    Steel Monotype FireRed 0/8

    Underestimated Challenge White Liepard,Musharna,Beheeyem,Kinklang,Vanilluxe and Seismitoad 0/8

    On hold

    Ultimate Duo Species Challenge: Haunter and Kadabra
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