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    Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
    Bah, I'll just make a new post instead of editing that one. More people will see it...

    Below, I'm going to tell you how I picked the Pokemon I thought were worthy of trying. What I advise, if you want to follow this, is to find an image of all the Pokemon, get in Microsoft Paint, and erase/cross them out when you take them off the list. So, without further ado, here is Myrrh's 5 steps to picking a Pokemon:

    Step 1: Obviously, the Pokemon must be in your game. So, you can mark off all the Pokemon that aren't 1-150 (Mark off Mew, he's technically unobtainable). If you really want to do red over blue, or blue over red, you can mark off the Pokemon not in that game too.
    Step 2: It does you no good if you want to solo with a Starmie, because you can't get Starmie until so late in the game. All the Pokemon you fight will be too high for you to OHKO, which is what you want for the second half of the game. You will probably need a Pokemon fairly early in the game, or else you'll be wasting experience on your starter (unless you want to try a duo run). For this reason, I marked off everyone that requires Surf to get, a good/super rod, and are found after Snorlax in Celadon City. You can beat Brock, Beat Misty, cut down the bush, Pokedoll the Marowak in the tower, and get a Pokeflute, all with just two badges, but even that is a bit much probably. Time is of the essence, and there isn't much time for backtracking to level up a new Pokemon.
    Step 3: The Pokemon can't be hard to catch, or hard to train once you catch it. Clefairy is rare and hard to catch. Magikarp is hard to train once you catch it. Abra is hard to find, hard to catch, and hard to train. HOWEVER you can get Abra at the Celadon Game Corner for 120 coins (which you can find on the ground, I know of a 100 coin spot and at least one 20 coin spot. You can then waltz over to Saffron and teach it Psychic. There you go, now you have a usable Pokemon (especially if you have Body Slam/Mega Punch for Kadabra)
    Step 4. From here on the steps can easily be disputed. Step 4 is that the Pokemon must have somewhat decent type coverage, with at least 2 strong attacks of different types other than Normal. Strong attacks imo are: Strength/Mega Punch/Slash/Body Slam/Hyper Beam (maybe), Flamethrower, Bubble Beam/Surf, Razor Leaf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Submission, Earthquake, Drill Peck/Fly, Psychic, Rock Slide. I don't include Fire Blast, Thunder, or Blizzard, because I don't like their inaccuracy, and if we're trying to beat the nonsegmented record, we need attacks that will hit. Also, be sure to take Hitmonchan out here, after all, the elemental punches are still Special based in RBY. This is where Kadabra possibly makes an exception. Some Pokemon, like Kadabra, just have so much Attack or Special, that it doesn't matter that much that they have good type coverage, because they can just overpower anything they fight. For other Pokemon like Alakazams, Kadabra, although he has an awful Attack stat, can use moves like Mega Punch, Body Slam, or Dig to possibly still defeat the enemy Pokemon.
    Step 5. From here, you should just have a few Pokemon left (I think I had about 13 families left. Now, just compare them side by side til you're down to 1. Nidoking is better than Nidoqueen because he has better Attack and Speed, as opposed to her Defense and HP. If we're at the end of the game, we're going to be hopefully OHKOing all the Pokemon we face. With extra Speed and Attack, we can OHKO pokemon faster and earlier in the game. Nidoking also trumps Primeape and Graveler because again of his superior "useful" stats, and this time, he can learn more strong moves. Continue doing this until you only have one Pokemon left!

    Next, I have a few maps and charts that might be useful. The first one is a complete map of Kanto, with every pickupable item, every trainer with every Pokemon that they have, all with a note of how much exp you get from every Pokemon. Just posting the link in a spoiler, the map is so big.
    Here's a list of all the "bosses" in the game, along with the stats that each of their Pokemon have
    I couldn't get Rival inside Pokemon Tower, because the ghosts prevent you from catching his Pokemon, even if you have a code on for catch enemy Pokemon.
    Here is what I think should happen every run. Its a list of which moves to use on the Pokemon you fight.
    Method for level 3 Nidoran M:
    Beat 2 Lv. 3 wild Pokemon on the way to Nidoran
    Buy 4 Pokeballs
    Catch a Spearow
    Nidoran vs. Weedle (2 Leer/5 Tackle)
    Squirtle vs. Caterpie (1 Tail Whip/3 Tackle)
    Nidoran vs. Weedle (3 Leer/4 Tackle)
    Squirtle vs. Kakuna (Bubbles)
    Nidoran vs. Weedle (1 Leer/4 Tackles)
    Wild either Lv. 5 Weedle/Caterpie (scenario 1) or Kakuna/Metapod (Scenario 2) or Lv. 4 Kakuna/Metapod (Scenario 1)
    If Scenario 1, battle any extra wild Pokemon before leaving . If scenario 2, don’t.
    Nidoran vs. Weedle (1 Leer and 2 Horn Attacks, if that doesn’t kill him, Tackle)
    Should have: Squirtle Lv. 9 and Nidoran Lv. 9, Spearow. Items: 4-5 Potions, 0-2 Pokeballs, Antidote
    Don’t heal at Center. Use Potion on Nidoran.
    Nidoran vs. Diglett (3 Horn Attack)
    Squirtle vs. Sandshrew (Bubbles)
    Squirtle vs. Geodude (Bubbles)
    Squirtle vs. Onix (Bubbles)
    1 Badge: Squirtle Lv. 12, Nidoran Lv. 10, Spearow. Items: 3-4 Potions, 0-2 Pokeballs, Antidote
    Dodge first Lass
    Nidoran vs. Caterpie (2 Horn Attacks and a Tackle)
    Nidoran vs. Weedle (2 Horn Attacks and a Tackle)
    Nidoran vs. Caterpie (2 Horn Attacks and a Tackle: use Potion when you get to about 4 health)
    Go back for Lass: Nidoran vs. Pidgey (2 Horn Attacks and a Tackle)
    Squirtle vs. Pidgey (3 Bubbles and a Tackle)

    Gray highlight is for what to buy in shops, Green is random checkpoints to make sure I'm on the right levels, and light blue is another check up after every gym leader.

    More info coming soon
    WOW 0.o Those things are extremely useful :D Especially knowing with trainers have single, high exp yielding Pokemon like the optional jigglypuff lass on route 3 imao
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