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    Do not bash other Religions
    By saying other Religions, you're making the implication that Atheism is a Religion when Atheism is the default position at birth, a lack of belief in a God. You might want to change this to 'Do not bash on Theism.' Anyway, time to fill out some of this long winded form. (Not filling it all out because I'm lazy.)

    Same-sex Marriage: I do not see an issue with same sex marriage because I cannot think of a single negative implication that Homosexuality or same sex marriage has on my every day life and I believe that two people of the same gender can have an equally meaningful relationship to two people of opposite genders - reproducing isn't that big of an issue because there are plenty of needy children which are up for adoption who will otherwise have miserable lives, so they might as well be adopted. (Too bad that a lot of governments won't allow children to be adopted by same sex couples.)

    Abortion: I believe that Abortion is perfectly acceptable as long as the pregnancy hasn't exceeded the period of around twenty-four weeks, at which point the fetus is capable of living independently from the mother and is also capable of pain because the nerves are fully developed and linked. I think that a woman should be entitled to have an Abortion, especially if the child is threatening her well being or if she was a victim of rape, I won't touch on this too much because I'll end up with a huge wall of text.

    Beliefs: I never formed much of an opinion on Religion as a child. I did attend a Catholic Primary School where Religion was forced down my throat; I took part in the lessons, but didn't think much about it. When I went into High School I stumbled across Atheism and then I started to reconsider everything that I was taught. (Funnily enough, it was a Catholic High School.) I looked on my brothers computer at some Atheist sites and the more I thought about it; the more it made sense. Religion simply did not reach my burden of proof, and thus I eventually became an Agnostic. I looked at other beliefs and spins on Christianity, but none of them seemed to have any substantial evidence. (Heck, I even looked at Islam, but I found myself disgusted with how they were so sexist.)

    I remember a few weeks after becoming an Agnostic I asked my teacher in Religious Education why it was called Religious Education if she only talked about Christianity and only made us read the Bible. She said it was because Christanity was the one true Religion (obviously) and I told her that I didn't believe in an Omnipresent, Omnipotent being that can create everything and come into existence from nothing and ever since that day, she hated me and in class and would force me to answer lots of the questions on the blackboard while everybody else drew their favorite fictional character nailed to some sticks. I was glad when I got kicked out of that High School became I moved onto a much better School which talked about a lot of different Religions and encouraged independent thought. Heck, we visited different sites of worship and everything. T'was pro.

    After Death: I'm not going to claim that I have all of the answers because I don't. Who knows what happens after death? I'm not going to spend my entire life worrying about how a God will punish me with Eternal Hellfire for not believing in him. I could feign being a Christian, but if God was all knowing and did exist he'd know that I didn't believe in him and I'd end up in hell anyway. Also, if I became a Christian, I could be completely off with my beliefs. For all I know, Islam could be right. It's a guessing game - a Religious lottery with Eternal Bliss for the winners and Eternal Hellfire for the losers, I'd rather not take part.

    Aliens: Of course, there is the possibility that Aliens exist, with the Universe being so vast and it would be very pretentious to think that we're on the only planet which contains life, however what's to say that these Aliens are smarter than we are? Even if there is other life somewhere in the Universe, chances are that we won't come into contact with it for a long time; for all we know there could be another planet which has very basic life forms on it, or a planet which contains beings of extreme complexity. Basically, I believe in the possibility and probability of Aliens, but I am not going to say that I know they exist because I don't.

    Family & Friends: My mother and one of my friends knows that I am an Atheist. Funnily enough, the friend who knows is a Theist and we often talk about different Religions and get along fine. I don't talk about my beliefs (or lack of) much, but I'm not ashamed of it.
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