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    The video of mine that Arch linked you to, it's an older version of the ported song, just follow the link in the description and it'll take you to my newer version.

    To avoid credit grubbing, the ability to port instrument data is part of Zahlman's editor (to preserve the quality of the song). Most of the instruments I did not import manually, but I did successfully manage to port the GS drums manually (which...incidentally is like porting 20+ instruments at once because of the multiple tracks of the's a nightmare, I don't recommend it unless Zahlman implements a way to port multi sample instruments).

    The main thing I wanted to showcase with that video was the fact that I repointed some of the voice groups and made kind've a hybrid instrument map with two instruments from a midi instrument patch, and the rest directly from golden sun, using the midi instruments only when a certain instrument was incompatible with porting (gs drums sounded weird in FE for some reason...yes I did all that manual porting for nothing. Oh well, at least I proved it can be done manually. Also, the sawtooth synth instrument relies on GS's specific music engine, so I had to midi that too). I think I got it to sound pretty decent.

    The other thing was the fact that I manually spliced tracks together. This is a handy little trick that helps you avoid the whole track limit thing. If you have knowledge of the music's score (I almost went the music major route so it helped me here), and how that is represented in data, splicing the tracks is easy. You just have to count notes and rests. The tracks can't overlap either. Though in the case of directly ported tracks, the game creators liked to use the B3 command (jump) to conserve space, which is always followed by a pointer, so it was a pain repointing about 80 or so pointers. Tracks inserted from midis should not have this problem. I used this technique to take a 10 track song and splice it down to 8 tracks, fitting within Fire Emblem's 8 track limit. Maybe someday there will be an app to do this very thing automatically.

    Anyways, sorry for the jumbled mess of text I just typed. It's late...

    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    This is a wonderful gift, thanks!

    Does Zahlman's Song Editor only support the Sappy Engine? Because I like to hack FFTA and only like 20% of the songs use the Sappy Engine.
    What exactly do you mean by sappy engine?

    When porting a song, you feed the editor the offset of the header. With the information of the header, the editor ports every track there is a pointer to, leaving every byte of the tracks intact, save for the pointers, which it repoints automatically. It then looks at the pointer to the voice group data, grabs the necessary instrument samples for the songs, repoints etc, creates a custom instrument map for that song and puts it into the destination offset. If one of the voice groups has a pointer to a sub group (like drumsets do) then it does not import that track, because Zahlman hasn't programmed his editor to do something that intricate yet. The name of the game is lossless quality, it takes up a lot of data yes, but it's usually worth it.
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