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I'm too paranoid to hack my PSP. :( Not that I have much to lose because my PSP is literally falling apart (I have to hold the battery pack cover in place lmao). But it means I'm missing out on things I can't afford to import. Luckily I can probably just borrow most of the Tales games from David/parallelzero... besides, I've been so hooked on what I can get my hands on that I don't have to worry about anything else for a while. <_< I still have Radiant Mythology 2 to start but I've been like mastering the first Radiant Mythology (which I still haven't beaten yet) so... still a ways to go.

But playing the spin off Tales of the World games have really, really made me want to play Destiny and Destiny 2. :( I like the characters I meet from them and want to see how their story goes.