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Originally Posted by RedFan View Post
Now for my map
Name:asdf map
Rom Firered, Neti's Romabse
Credits:Neti and ofc Lu-Ho
Comments It's a bit empty guys.And WARNING A LARGE MAP IN THE SPOILER
Wow... Really, COOL idea.

But seriously, the tiles look really good. Very winter-y. I personally like the use of the ice blocks for frozen water.

Bad things:
The stairs that connect horizontally look great on their own, but when put together the top one looks off, and probably needs a special tile.

On the right side of the map, it's a straight line for the shoreline. Maybe make a small island covered with trees jutting out.

The bridge needs some snow on it.

All in all, I've seen almost no winter routes/cities at all. It looks really good, and is pretty unique for a hack.