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    Originally Posted by M.L View Post
    well i like this mao its a very basic and simple yet it works as a route 1 its easy simple and the grass placement is done well the flowers are also placed well overall this map has been donw well
    map unown
    Base FR
    game test
    crdits the usuals
    its an autum town
    First, it looks weird to see that only part of the map is not autumn, it would have looked better to have the entire map look autumnish, and it doesn't look like much of a city with 3 houses only, where is the PC/Mart/Gym etc.. Also, the path on the right looks like you didn't block edit the bottom of the path, and the path on the left really leads to nowhere, it serves no purpose there if it just leads to a dead end, Anyways, i like how the map looks (tiles are awesome btw) but it needs a lot of stuff to work on. 5/10

    Map Name:route 2
    ROM base: fire red
    Comments: none
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