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☆ sonic the hedgehog club ☆

rules and regulations
1. All PokéCommunity and Other Clubs rules apply.
2. Be courteous to other club members. We accept all kinds of Sonic fans, old and new.
3. Please use spoilers for major plot points; use your best judgement.
4. Sign up using this form:
Favorite Sonic Character(s):
Answer a Discussion Topic:

discussion topics
Topics are listed from most recent to less recent. Anyone can add a topic. New members, feel free to answer any past topics that interest you!
Current Topic What are your thoughts on the newly revealed character, Sticks the Badger?
Current Topic Have you ever read any of the comics/mangas, and if so, which ones?

37. Let's pretend for a minute Sonic Boom DID go Skylanders. Would this be a good or bad thing, and wold it really work?
36. Apparently, there will not be any Chaos Emeralds in the Sonic Boom universe. What do you think about this change?
35. Has anyone here ever done any Sonic Roleplaying? Be it, as official characters, or fan-characters?
34. Any moments in the series (including games, comics, movies, cartoons) that evoked an emotional response from you?
33. What is your favorite idle animation from any character?
32. What would happen if Eggman DID succeed in his crazy plan at the end of the game, and defeated Sonic?
31. Thoughts on Eggman? Did you like him more as good ol' Robotnik; the funny villain who can't carry out plans very well with his dumb helpers? Or did you like him more as the "redesigned" Dr. Eggman we know today; the eviler & more serious version with crazier, brutal plans?
30. Anybody go to Sonic Boom or watch a Livestream of the event? If you can't attend events, would you like to?
29. What do you think about the Deadly Six from Lost World? How bad should they be? Do you have a favorite?
28. Sonic Lost World! What are your initial impressions? Speculations? Wishes? Criticisms? Discuss to your heart's content.
27. Did you ever spent most of your time taking care of your chao or you mostly focused on the main storyline?
26. Anyone else disappointed to have Tails's mission done in a machine?
25. Has anyone played Sonic Jump?
24. Did anyone here watch Eddie Lebron's fan film?
23. Who is your favorite villain?
22. What are your top 3 favorite stages of all time and from which games?
21. If you're looking to get Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, which version are you looking to get?
20. What do you think about Sonic the Movie/Sonic OVA?
19. Have you played any fan-created Sonic games? What's your opinion on them?
18. What do you think about Sonic's appearance in Wreck-It-Ralph or about the movie in general?
17. What Sonic game do you believe is overrated and why?
16. What did you do for Sonic's 20th anniversary, June 23, 2011? Do you celebrate Sonic's anniversary?
15. Have you ever played Sonic the Hedgehog 2006?
14. What is the highest score you have ever obtained?
13. If SEGA made a Sonic game just for you, what would you want it to be like (your ideal game)?
12. Who do you think should be the ideal Playable Characters? Or is Sonic the only good one?
11. If you could live at any of the zones or places, where would you live and why?
10. Which of the spinoff-type (non-platformer game featuring Sonic or his buddies as a main character) Sonic games is your favorite?
9. Which Sonic game do you think has the most fun special stages?
8. The 3D Sonic games (Adventure, Heroes, etc.) have always had a bad rep. What is your personal opinion of them?
7. Do you purchase re-releases of Sonic games?
6. Do you own any Sonic merchandise?
5. What Sonic games have you not played, but would like too?
4. What is your favorite stage from any Sonic game?
3. How has the Sonic series influenced your life?
2. Are you looking forward to any upcoming Sonic video games?
1. What is your favorite Sonic video game?

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