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    Alright! After a little over three weeks of hard work, I've completely translated Light Platinum into English, and fixed many of the bugs that I encountered.

    This will only work if patched to a Ruby 1.0 ROM.

    The patch is too large to upload as an attachment, so I've Sendspaced it.

    If you get a white screen, you are using the wrong rom, or your emulator is not correctly set. Turn VBA off, delete the Light Platinum.sa1 or .sav file, turn VBA back on, go to Options -> Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 128k, turn VBA off again, then turn it back on and load the rom once more. If that doesn't work, you are not using a Ruby 1.0 Rom. When looking for it, googling '0907 Ruby 1.0 (U)' might help. I found one on 4shared.

    I will not answer any questions about how to make this work on a phone, on a PSP, or on anything that isn't Visual Boy Advance!

    - All text has been translated to English.
    - All Unova Pokemon have been given their English names.
    - Feebas now evolves by Water Stone.
    - Many, many scripting bugs have been fixed, but please let me know if any remain.
    - Trainers whose Pokémon used strange attacks should be fixed.
    - Some place names have been changed to better fit English. Very slightly, in most cases. I don't remember all of them, but it's things like Winder -> Winter and Dragonbreath -> Drakebreath.
    - Also, Shaymin is in the game in Inhore Woods. I didn't add it, but Wesley didn't mention it on his site.
    - The following important trainer names have been changed (I may have forgotten some, I wasn't keeping a list):
    Sheyla -> Sheila
    Katyne -> Kaitlyn
    Persie -> Percy
    Atlur -> Atlas
    Rukia -> Lucia
    Kaohri -> Kaori
    Perla -> Pearl
    Roarka -> Rochelle
    Rebeca -> Rebecca
    Lumy -> Lucy
    Lure -> Luke
    Kilua -> Kilroy
    Kuchick -> Robin (...Don't even ask. It was a whole thing.)
    Wyse -> Weiss
    Honeyu -> Honey
    Aurane -> Rayne
    Byake -> Blake
    Shinora -> Cynthia
    Blane -> Blair

    - Don't enter the Normal Rank Contest.
    - You may need to enter and exit the Pokémon Center after Red's Gyarados uses Rain Dance in Esmerald City.
    - Some items may respawn.
    - Pokedex entries and cries have not been changed.

    Thanks to (in no particular order)...
    - Wesley FG, who made this hack and deserves far, far more credit than I do.
    - Me!
    - Spherical Ice
    - DrFuji
    - colcolstyles
    - Quilava's Master
    - Smallbirdie
    - U_Flame
    - Tcoppy
    - Ash493
    - dblanchette93, for sanity maintenance.
    - Darthatron, HackMew, Lu-Ho, and anyone else who made tools I used.
    - Anyone else who I've forgotten...

    ENJOY! :D

    P.S.: Most of Lauren has not been beta-tested. If I need to, I'll release a fixed version, if any gamebreaking errors remain.
    P.P.S.: I'd have had this out over an hour ago, but we had a blackout. XD
    P.P.P.S.: Yellow Town does not have a healing script. I was going to add one, but forgot. If I need to release a bugfixed update, this will be included.
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