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    And welcome to our first-ever nominations post for Fic of the Month! This time around is a quick-fire month, but we hope that, if this turns out being at least mediocre to awesome, we'll be able to start earlier next time to give us a bit more time to ***** out our fics decide carefully which ones should be in the running.

    Here's How It Works
    At the end of this post, you'll see a massive list of fics. Pick one to three fics and post their titles here. (Obviously, none of your nominations can be one of your own fics.) You can also explain why you're nominating that fic. Or not. We honestly don't care either way, so feel free to format your nominations post however you'd like.

    Yes, you can nominate something that someone else has already nominated, although to be most effective, you'll generally want to avoid seconding/thirding/whatevering. As in, while we don't really care at this point if you do nominate something someone's covered, we'd prefer it if you didn't, really.

    In the last week of the month, we'll gather all the fics that you chose and create a new thread for voting. You'll get one vote, but all of the votes will be anonymous (so don't be shy about your decision). Once that week is up, we'll take a peek at which fic got the most votes. Whoever does will be crowned the Fic of the Month, and the rest of you get pats on the back. If there's a tie, we'll hold another voting session until someone finally decides.

    Simple and straightforward on your part, right?

    To clear things up, not everything that gets posted within a month is eligible for being nominated. Here's the requirements to get on the list:

    1. Because this is Fic of the Month, only fics updated within a one-month period are eligible. As in, they need to have posted a chapter (or the entire fic needs to have been posted, in the case of one-shots) on the forums any time between the first of the month to the last day of the month in order to qualify on the most basic level. Announcements, reviews, and review responses do not qualify a thread for nomination if the last chapter was not posted within the same month.

    In this case, because we're nominating fics for the month of July, only fics with chapters posted between July 1 and July 31 qualify.

    2. SWC fics (i.e., fics written for a writing contest hosted by PC) are not eligible. This is because they already receive attention from said contest, so it's rather missing the point of the Fic of the Month competition.

    3. Because this is Fic of the Month, poetry is not eligible.

    4. The thread must not have been closed for any reason. Yes, kids, breaking forum rules automatically gets your fic booted from the running. Sorry.

    5. Fics that have already won Fic of the Month are also not eligible unless this is a completely new version. For example, let's say IanDonyer's Volkner's Tale had won Fic of the Month in its original version. The new version is still eligible because it's technically a different story. However, if Dagzar's Mentor wins Fic of the Month this time around, it's not eligible for further nominations, even if Dagzar adds new material to it. This is just to be fair and allow multiple fics to have the chance at getting on the rec list.

    6. You must post your fic on PC to qualify. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure not that many people would like to download and open a PDF or DOC in order to decide whether or not they'd like to nominate you. (Note: This is a proposed rule. Please feel free to voice your opinions about whether or not you'd like this one set in stone.)

    What's In It For Me?: Perks of Being Fic of the Month
    If nominated, winners for Fic of the Month will receive the honor of having their fic listed on a stickied archive thread for posterity. (Note: This thread will not be up until after we get something to put in it.) That means more attention can be directed towards your fic, and you get to walk away with bragging rights.

    There may be other perks in development as well.

    Eligible Fics
    Just in case you need a refresher (and because I'm crazy), here's July's batch of fics. I will most likely never do this again unless I happen to be bored for August's nominations too.

    Note: All non-Pokémon fics and crossovers will have their fandoms listed in italics. Fics that have had at least one nomination will also be in bold.

    New Friends by miley810
    The Legion by lord of flames
    The BattleGround by miltankRancher
    Crushed by Misheard Whisper
    Here Comes the Sun by IanDonyer
    My Reasons by JX Valentine
    The Pokémon Academy by Impo
    The Forgetton Glitch by TheBowsinator
    Evening Starhea by Townes
    You Can't Change a Rainbow's Colors by Sweet Candice (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
    Pokémon: Generation Alloy by luxuriate
    Pokémon Journeys: Kanto by Spikey-Eared Pichu
    The Lost World of Giratina by Gothitelle.
    Pokémon: Wuji Crisis by NatureKeeper
    The Azure Pumpernickel by EmeraldSky
    Dialga and the Reverse World Master by Gothitelle.
    Remix: Dedication through Light and Darkness by The Yellow Flash
    Codename: PokéPony by AdvancedK47 (Pokémon/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
    Gallery. by Full Metal (original fiction – see Notes)
    Hydra's Rise by Legendarian Mistress (Digimon)
    "Hunting Wishes" Diary of Bronze by Tcoppy
    Father's Day by Onyx_X (original fiction)
    Pitched, Stomped, and Shattered by Gothitelle.
    Of Actresses and Engineers by Lysabeth
    Some short stories by Onyx_X (original fiction – see Notes)
    Gliscor Returns by Elgyem
    The Bonds of Friendship by Etoire
    Rebirth of Sinnoh – Volkner's Tale by IanDonyer
    Hoso Havoc by EmeraldSky
    Blood Red Ruby by RetroRoller
    Lavender Town Theory – 4 Years Later by RetroRoller
    Moonlight Heartbreak by Misheard Whisper
    It Ain't Easy by Baibanira
    Reshiram & Zekrom story by justinrpg
    "The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the children are playing and we're all going to die." by IanDonyer (Dragonball Z)
    An Apple a Day by delongbi
    Elite Academy by TurtleKing
    For All the Right Reasons by Daydream
    Infinity by RIOLURULES
    The Scary Door by RetroRoller (original fiction)
    Those Slaves… by TheBowsinator
    Elements: Book 1, Fire by alaskapigeon
    Running Through Daisies by Scourge of Nemo
    The Stranger in White by Townes
    Pokémon: Negaverse Rising by Dialga's Song of Time (Pokémon/Sailor Moon)
    Pokémon Olympus by Dialga111
    Harmony in Memory by TheSmartOne
    Mentor by Dagzar

    Side notes:
    - Although it contains poetry (which is not eligible for the title of fiction of the month) and multiple pieces, Full Metal's thread titled Gallery is listed just once in the above. You can submit nominations for the compilation or specify which one you'd most like to see be placed in the poll, but because everything in that thread will be showcased in the rec list anyway (due to being pretty much on the same page), it's listed as one entity here. If we get enough nominations for particular pieces, then they can be listed separately in the voting thread.
    - Same thing goes with Onyx_X's compilation.

    Final Notes!:
    As of this writing, the system, perks, and generally everything about the new Fic of the Month is in development. Can you think of a suggestion? Have a question? Leave it in this thread as well, and we'll hammer out the details.

    In the meantime, nominations for July's Fic of the Month will run from now until next Tuesday (exactly one week from now), and voting will be held until September 1. Sound cool?
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