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    Okay, a query for the glitchers out there. I've been doing the RB glitches for years now, hell I used to nerf the playground with my sky attacking Kangaskhan before anybody even caught onto my bluff, but it's only recently I started abusing hex values to get into trainer fights through the Old Man Glitch.

    Now what i'm wondering is what determines the teams they send out? It seems nearly all the time that it's a team of Lvl 32's, including 2 odd glitches and 2 glitcherinos. But I do on rare occasions come across a team of lvl 111's including a Drowzee, a Pidgey, some sort of Pokegod and a Missingno.

    Just wondering if anybody knows what triggers the latter team? I have also once come across a battle starting with a third enemy set, but the first glitch pokemon froze my game when it attacked me.