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    Originally Posted by rapid dave View Post
    Okay, I have what is probably a very newbie-ish problem, but basically this is the drill. I'm making a hack using a bunch of fakemon me and my girlfriend have been drawing while bored, but when I load the sprite into the game, it comes out as a load of garbled glitchiness. Like Missingno, I guess. What could be causing this?

    I have changed the pallette, but I think the drawing is the same dimensions as the original 'mon (Bulbasaur.)

    For the record, the backsprite works fine, and I have no idea if the Shiny sprite displays correctly.

    Here's the offending sprite.

    And this is what it SHOULD look like.

    Yes, im aware my sprite is rubbish, but i'd like some help with my problem before drawing critique please? :)

    (NOTE - the 15 post minimum for off site images is kind of annoying. I was intending to post regularly here anyway, but that just made the first ones seem like a chore before I could post what i wanted to. Way to put off new members, pokecommunity!)
    You can only insert sprites successfully if their dimensions are 64x64. Use Irfanview to resize the pic to be 64x64, and index and insert, it should work, but you need to use a clean ROM now.

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