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Name: Ralph Xangxi (Pronounced Shangshi)

Title/Nickname: The Demon or Demon


Gender: Male

Knight of Teresius

Weapon: Great Axe

Secondary Weapon: Small Throwing Axes on his belt. (3-5)

Physical Apperance: Hope a picture is OK .

Apparel: ^

Personality: Ralph isn't a typical knight, as many would clearly see from his appearance. He has the smug of a mercenary, and the personality to match. Loyalty and honor mean less to him than money, and the thrill of a strong opponent. These are the true reasons he fights under the King. In a position of command like that, he is given all of what he would call the "necessaries" in life, which would include combat, money, power, women, and food. As long as he continues to receive these things, he won't care who gets in his way, he'll get the job done, and he'll do it his way.

He is known for having a short temper, and can go off on someone in a hurry, one of the many reasons he is called the Demon (the others will be explained in the History).

Ralph is also known for loving fighting. If ever challenged, in almost any situation and in almost any place, he would gladly accept. This reasoning for him is simple: He loves to fight, and he understands that in a war like this, anything could happen. So as long as he lives, he'll continue to do the things that make him happy. A quote of his would describe it perfectly.

"Live everyday as though it's your last, cause one'll be right.”

Ralph isn't a noble, nor ever was one, so he rarely understands the mannerisms many other knights would. He is often called rude and tactless. But guess what? He really doesn't care, and not many can make him.

Ralph was born on the outskirts of Teresius. His family were all hardened mercenaries, his father being the leader of a small mercenary squad. The mercenary troops was about ten members, half of them being Ralphs family: his mother, father brother, and uncle were all in the troop. Ralph was trained since an early age by his family, so that he could one day become apart of this squad, which he one day did do. The mercenary troop was all very close, even the ones that weren't blood related. They were like one big family. They helped those in need, and then reaped the benefits of gold in the end. It was a happy life for Ralph. He never really wanted more. What more could he want than good friends, blood on the battlefield, and easy gold?

But all good things had to come to an end, which is what happened when his father, mother, and uncle retired that life. They just couldn't keep up with the younger generation, and eventually, they had to make it come to an end. Ralph and his brother took over the squad for a while, and took on some new recruits, but it never really was the same. In the end, his brother and Ralph agreed to disband the group forever, and do something else. Ralph's brother, Arnold, went off to another country, and was not seen by Ralph again. Ralph decided to become a mercenary for the Knights of Teresius.

He was instantly noticed for his talent with his axe, many not believing that Ralph was able to move so fast while wielding an Axe that huge. His attacks were a perfect combination of strength and speed, making enemies fear him. There was a single incident when he was to fight a rogue knight. The battle was intense, but Ralph won in the end. The rogue knight was quoted saying this to Ralph.

"You look like a commoner, but you fight like a Demon!"

The name stuck ever since, and it is not rare for some, especially enemies, to refer to him as "Demon" or "The Demon".

When Ralph was offered a position as a Knight of Teresius, he accepted. To this day, he remains (loosely) a knight, but merely in name. He still holds his mercenary roots, very close to his heart.

While in the Knights of Teresius, 5 years ago, Ralph met up with Ardor Moonlily, another Knight of Teresius known for his skill with magical abilities as well as his incredible archery. Although initially getting off on the wrong foot, the two soon came to respect one anothers abilities. They have done many missions together since Ralph joined the Knights, mainly because of how well their different styles of fighting complimented each other. They were often sent together on the more difficult missions. Despite having very different personalities, and very different methods and skills for fighting, they worked well together.

The last time Ralph saw Ardor, he had heard that he turned traitor and had an active role in escorting the Princess to meet with the Resistance. He hadn't heard what became of him since, but Ralph knew, he would meet him again, whether as an ally or enemy. And when the time came, Ralph would be ready.

Password: Teresius

RP Sample:
My most recent post in my RP, the Pokemon Odyssey 2.
A Keeper, an Armaldo, approached Fallax.

"There are 16 combatants left. You have advanced to the next round." said the Keeper, as he opened the portal back again, and let out all of the survivors.

Gold Tribe

Kent waited in front of the lobby area where the other portals were. From there, he could see the main arena, and the fighting that was going on over there. He noticed a strong looking Kangaskhan there, fighting. He had a feeling she was a dangerous one.

As he waited, the Desert Portal, where two of his Gold Tribe member were, had been activated once more, which meant the round was over for them. Soon, he saw Stingfist and Fallax come out, relatively unharmed.

"Fallax! Stingfist! You made it to the next round as well! Good work!" He said, grinning at them. He then noticed as Ambrosia appeared out of the now activated Forest Portal. Bellator hadn't come out yet, but Kent expected him too soon.

"Tactician. Good work." He said, nodding to her. "Your father would be proud."

As he conversed with his Gold Tribe members, he noticed someone in a hood watching him looking at him. At first, he mistaked him for a Keeper, as he had robes similar to the ones the Keepers wore, but he wasn't one of them. He noticed that he stood next to Regigigas. Instantly, Kent's demeanor changed, as he stared at the hooded Pokemon. It looked like a battle formed in his mind, as the two apparently attempted to stare down each other. But then, the other one broke his look, and walked off.

Kent returned his attention to the Gold Tribe in front of him. He pointed to Dylan, who was standing there with him.

"This little one packed a punch as well. He may be young, but he can fight."

Kingdom of Tollen

Zachary waited among the other survivors from the other portals. He was the first one back out of his group. He was a bit anxious at first, wondering how they did. Not all of them, after all, were fighters. At least not as a natural profession. That was to the best of his knowledge. Still, he was thinking that maybe they were alright.

Suddenly, one more portal was activated again, the City Portal. Fighters began to walk out of there. Zachary held his breath for a moment, waiting to see Shiro and the Duchess.

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